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8 Easy Side Hustles To Try If You Have Good Drawing Skills

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Side Hustle Ideas for Painting and Drawing

Drawing and painting are hobbies not just for kids. It engages the mind differently and is a great stress reliever for adults. Playing with colors stimulates the right brain, the part responsible for creativity. Most of us remember being a good artist during childhood, yet over the years we somehow lose our artistic abilities as we grow up. There could be two reasons for this - we start to criticize ourselves for not being perfect or we get caught in daily rut so there is no time for regular practice. Nevertheless, do you know that you can always learn new skills even as an adult and drawing is no different?

You can learn drawing from the many tutorials available online. is also a great online learning resource for learning drawing tips and illustration using design software.

Check it out at:

Side Hustle Ideas for Drawing and Painting:

If you are already reasonably good at drawing or painting, the following side hustle ideas should be a great fit for you:

1) Doodle:

Would you believe that you can make a living out of doodles? Check out the YouTube channel Doodles by Sarah . It is astonishing that as of now, she has a whopping 806k followers. Taking her as an inspiration and following her path as a Doodle Artist is sure to bring success!

2) Cartoonist:

Trying your hands as a cartoonist for comic books and newspapers is also a great idea to express your creativity while earning extra cash! There is no denying that Cartoons also bring a fun factor to life. So, just go ahead and relive your childhood by becoming a cartoonist!

3) Illustrator:

If you have good graphic designing skills or expertise in design softwares, it is high time you became an illustrator or graphic designer. Graphic Designers are in high demand, so make sure your skill-sets are put to the best use.

4) Coloring Books:

Considering the never seen boom in adult coloring books since covid-19, publishing coloring books as a printable or as a digital version is definitely worth your time!

5) Sell Paintings Online:

Selling paintings online through e-commerce platforms like , and of course Instagram is one of the best side hustles you can start today, as art lovers around the world are always on the lookout for latest paintings and also taking into account the fact that you can do it as per your schedule and convenience. Amazon is also a great platform to sell art. Read for updated information.

6) Mehndi Artist:

Mehndi Tatooing is an easy and fun way to earn money, with just basic drawing skills. It takes as little as two weeks to learn it and voila, you good to start your small business. Mehndi cones are priced at Rs.15 per cone on an average, so it is an amazing idea for those with a tight budget.

7) Publish Kolam/Rangoli Designs:

For avid Indian art lovers, kolams/rangoli are best forms of expressing your passion. You can come up with your own Rangoli designs and there is no stopping to success with self publishing!

8) Run an Art School:

If you are in love with all forms of art, running an art school is probably your calling. Read this piece on Art Beat to get inspired and start your artistic life!

So, Go-Getters, try out the above ideas and share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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