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11 Easy Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight

Updated: Jan 22

Losing weight is a personal goal for many. I too, just like you, find it hard to keep up with this lonely journey.

What if there is a way to get paid to lose weight? Isn't that motivating enough?

Yes, it is now possible to earn money for your weight loss achievements.

Now, with the help of apps that pay to lose weight, you can earn extra cash in your fitness journey.

So if you have been struggling to find the motivation to invest time and effort into your fitness goals, now is the time to get started!

Apps that pay to lose weight are designed to keep you motivated and accountable throughout your journey.

It is a win-win situation - not only will you be improving your overall well-being, but you will also be earning some extra cash along the way.

In this post, let's delve into the different options to get paid to lose weight and explore how to maximize your earnings while embarking on your weight loss journey.

Get Paid To Lose Weight
Get Paid To Lose Weight

11 Easy Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight:

Here are some of the best ways to shed your extra pounds and earn incentives for it:

1) HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a very popular app that allows you to bet on your weight loss goals and win big.

With HealthyWage, you will join a community of like-minded individuals who are all striving for weight loss and making money.

This app believes that people are more likely to lose weight when they are rewarded for their achievements. It provides you with both structure and motivation to achieve your target weight.

It is simple - set a goal, place a bet, and start shedding those pounds.

As you make progress towards your target weight, you will earn cash rewards along the way. The top prize at HealthyWage is $10,000!

HealthyWage - Get Paid To Lose Weight
HealthyWage - Get Paid To Lose Weight

Start by using the HealthyWage calculator to get an idea of how much you can get paid to lose weight.

Then make your bet by providing your desired target weight and how long you expect to accomplish your goal. You can pay either at once or once a month for your challenge duration.

Read the HealthyWage - FAQs and HealthyWage - Rules to learn more about their guidelines.

What then? Lose weight as per your target, get paid for it, and earn prizes!

Is HealthyWage legit?

Yes, it is. HealthyWage has an A+ review with the Better Business Bureau and is completely legitimate.

If your total winnings are over $600, you will be issued a 1099 tax form.

2) DietBet

DietBet is another app that turns your weight loss journey into an exciting game where you have the chance to earn money by reaching your weight loss targets.

With more than 1 Million players participating in the weight loss game, it is one of the best apps to get paid to lose weight.

How Dietbet works
How Dietbet works

In this app, you can get paid to lose weight through two categories namely:

  • Kickstarter

  • Transformer

Get Paid To Lose Weight As A Kickstarter:

The goal of the Kickstarter program is to lose 4% of weight in 4 weeks. Under this program, you can either start your own challenge or join existing ones.

You start by placing a bet by putting money in the pot.

If you succeed in reaching your target weight within 28 days, you get to split the pot with other successful participants.

That means not only do you get healthier and fitter but you also have the opportunity to earn extra cash along the way.

You also get 7 days to cancel your challenge and get a refund.

You can cash out via PayPal or apply your earnings to your next challenge.

Get Paid To Lose Weight As A Transformer:

In this category, your target is to lose 10% weight in 6 months. Those who meet their goals divide the prize equally. What's more? There are also prizes to win each month!

You can also cancel your participation within 14 days and get a full refund!

Here is a quick chart for your reference on how you can get paid to lose weight at Dietbet:

Get Paid To Lose Weight - Dietbet
Get Paid To Lose Weight - Dietbet

3) Competish

Competish is another 'get paid to lose weight' program. This platform motivates you to lose weight through friendly competition among your friends and family. It is one of the easiest options to reach your target weight and earn cash out of it!

How can you get paid to lose weight at Competish?

Follow these simple steps to lose your weight using Competish and get paid:

  • Sign up at Competish using your email or Facebook account

  • Create a Group and invite your friends to join

  • Select your competition Start Date and the length of it. For example, 4 weeks.

  • Mention the amount that each participant in your group will put down. The minimum is $25.

Once the competition begins, you need to document your weight every day.

Here is a quick glimpse into how Competish works:

Get Paid To Lose Weight - Competish
Get Paid To Lose Weight - Competish

How much can you make at Competish?

This depends on factors such as:

  • Your group size

  • Amount put down by the members

  • Length/duration of the competition

At the end of the competition, the winner gets 45% of the total money put down by their group. Not just that, there are also weekly top loser prizes and runner-up prizes.

Read the Competish - Guidelines to know more details about how much you can earn on this platform.

4) Evidation

Evidation is an app that pays US residents for healthy activities such as walking, sleeping, etc. It is one of the well-known apps today that pays you to lose weight for free.

Just sign up with Evidation and connect it to your health apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, etc. Then start tracking your activities and earn points.

Whether it is hitting the gym, going for a run, or participating in a yoga class, Evidation keeps track of all your activities and rewards you accordingly.

The more committed and consistent you are in reaching your fitness milestones, the more cash you can earn.

You can also contribute to research studies on the Evidation app.

Read the Evidation - FAQs to learn more about their guidelines and process on how to get paid to lose weight on this app.

How much can you earn at Evidation by losing weight?

For every 10,000 points you earn, you will get $10. You can redeem it via PayPal, direct deposit, gift card, etc. You can also donate your earnings to charity.

5) Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an app that rewards you for your everyday steps. With more than 120 million users from around the world, it is one of the largest platforms out there that pays you for losing weight!

How does Sweatcoin work?

Just download the Sweatcoin app for free, create an account, and let it track your steps through your smartphone.

As you accumulate steps throughout the day, watch your Sweatcoin points grow in real-time.

The more you walk, the more Sweatcoins you earn, and the greater your rewards become.

You can also earn more cash by becoming a Sweatcoin influencer!

How do you get paid to lose weight at Sweatcoins?

Once you have earned enough Sweatcoins, you can exchange them for various rewards in the in-app marketplace.

From fitness gear and workout equipment to iPhones and Apple Watches, you can choose your favorite reward.

Donating your earnings to charity is also an option.

So, isn't it time to start walking, lose weight, and get paid?

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6) StickK

StickK offers a unique approach to weight loss motivation.

It is not a typical 'get paid to lose weight' platform. Instead, it provides you with a system that leverages financial stakes to keep you accountable and committed throughout your weight loss journey.

Get Paid To Lose Weight - Stickk
Get Paid To Lose Weight - Stickk

How does StickK help you lose weight?

You set a specific goal for yourself by creating a Commitment Contract, whether it is losing a certain number of pounds or maintaining your weight.

Then, you put your desired money on the line as a commitment to achieving this goal.

If you successfully meet your target within the specified timeframe, congratulations - you get your money!

However, if you fail to reach your goal, the money gets credited to the recipient you select or a charity.

And don't worry about losing money - you are more likely to achieve your weight loss goal when there is a financial stake involved.

For more information on setting your goals and selecting your recipient, read the StickK - FAQs.

7) Fit4Mom Instructor

Another way to get paid to lose weight is to become a fitness instructor yourself.

Fit4Mom is a platform where you can earn as a fitness instructor while enjoying the perks of losing weight.

As an instructor, you also have control over your schedule and can choose when and where to teach classes.

Fit4Mom is not just another fitness program - it is a community that empowers mothers through exercise, education, and support.

You can also get a Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Certificate on this platform to gain expertise as a fitness instructor.

How to earn at Fit4Mom?

By becoming a Fit4Mom instructor, you can make a positive impact on the lives of mothers in your community while earning an income.

One of the most attractive aspects of being a Fit4Mom fitness instructor is the earning potential.

Whether it is leading stroller workouts or prenatal/postnatal fitness sessions, each class you teach contributes to your overall earnings.

Fit4Mom also offers various class formats and programs. This allows you to teach multiple classes throughout the week and increase your income potential.

In this process, there is no doubt you will lose weight, too!

8) Food Delivery

Another easy way to lose weight and get paid is through food delivery services.

Wondering how? Food and grocery delivery involves a lot of moving around. Before you knew it, you would have walked so many steps that you might otherwise have not.

Try out these 10 best food delivery side hustles to make extra cash in your spare time and also lose weight as a perk!

9) Errand Services

Running errands for money is another easy way to lose weight, especially for those who prefer some form of activity to exercise.

For example, you can take up handyman and moving services on platforms like TaskRabbit and earn around $30 per hour.

You can also provide services such as mounting, moving, cleaning, home repairs, etc. on this platform.

This not only helps you lose weight through physical activity but also helps you make money.

10) Line Standing

Do you know that you lose more calories by standing than by sitting? According to WebMD, you can easily lose more than five pounds a year by standing for six hours a day.

And what better than getting paid to stand and lose weight?

You can get paid to stand in line at places and events during your spare time. Along with earning extra cash, you also get to lose some weight.

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11) Become A Tour Guide

If you love traveling and sightseeing, becoming a tour guide is an interesting way to lose weight and earn money.

Along with showing your clients some interesting places in your local area, you also shed some extra weight by traveling.

For example, you can become a local travel guide at Tours By Locals. It is an established touring platform that has over 5000 guides and is available in 178 countries.

By becoming a travel guide on this platform, you can:

  • design your own tours

  • work on your schedule

  • set your desired prices

Isn't this an amazing way to get paid to explore the world and lose weight?

FAQs on Getting Paid To Lose Weight:

#1. Can I get paid to lose weight?

Yes, you can.

How much you can earn by losing weight depends on several factors such as:

  • the amount you bet

  • whether you meet your target goals

  • number of participants in your competition/group

You can earn rewards and extra cash to attain your fitness goals, however, it may not be sufficient enough to make a living out of it.

#2. How do you get paid to lose weight?

There are different ways to get paid to lose weight, such as:

  1. Apps that provide rewards for losing weight. For example, HealthyWage, Dietbet, etc.

  2. Apps that pay you to walk. For example, Evidation, Sweatcoin, etc.

  3. Providing services for money. For example, running errands, delivering food, dog walking, etc.

11 Best Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight
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Final Thoughts - Get Paid To Lose Weight:

Thanks to technology, there are now apps that pay you to lose weight and stay fit.

These apps not only provide a platform for tracking your progress and setting fitness goals but also offer monetary incentives as a way to motivate and reward you for your hard work.

By participating in challenges, completing tasks, or reaching specific milestones, you can earn real money or other valuable rewards. This makes your weight loss journey even more rewarding, doesn't it?

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting paid to lose weight, stay fit, and transform your life for the better!

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