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14 Best Apps That Give Free Money Just for Signing Up

Updated: Apr 19

Free Money For Signing Up
Free Money For Signing Up

Years back, I came to know of an app called Ebates (now known as Rakuten) that gave free money for signing up and cashback rewards for shopping.

As a fan of free coupons and deals, I was so excited to try it out and earned quite a lot!

Today, many apps offer free money for simply signing up. These innovative platforms have created exciting opportunities for you to earn extra cash without much effort.

With apps that give sign-up bonuses, you can now make money instantly by simply creating an account and also by referring friends and family.

Whether you want to make some extra pocket money or save up for a specific goal, signing up for these apps can be a great way to kickstart your earnings.

Remember, no money is too small to earn!

In this article, we will explore the various apps that offer free money for signing up and delve into how you can maximize your earnings.

The Best Money-Making Apps with Generous Sign-Up Bonuses

You can earn free money just by signing up for these apps:


This post contains some affiliate links and you will help me earn a small commission at no cost to you when you sign up. Regardless, I only recommend what I believe will tremendously help you make money. Hope it helps you.

1) KashKick

KashKick is a US based free, legit and trustworthy app that pays you cash for various activities like:

  • taking surveys

  • playing games

  • trying new banking, investing, and savings services with KashKick's trusted partners like Chime, Varo, and LifeLock

New activities are added constantly for you and you also get free money for signing up.

You earn $1 immediately after signing up with just few clicks and completing your profile!

$1 for signing up might seem a small amount, but there's lot more! Yes, you can earn up to $500 or more per month doing fun things at KashKick!

KashKick - Earnings Page Snapshot
KashKick - Earnings Page Snapshot

Sign up at KashKick if you are from the US and do the things you enjoy such as playing games, sharing your opinions, or trying new products and services to earn real money. It is so easy!

You also get top tier customer support to assist you with your queries.

The minimum cash out threshold in this app is just $10 and you get paid easily via PayPal.

KashKick - TrustPilot Reviews
KashKick - TrustPilot Reviews

Join over 2 million people at KashKick, get free money for signing up and start earning extra cash in your spare time!

Sign up now at KashKick from your iOS/android device and turn your fun into funds!

2) Rakuten

Rakuten is an app that gives you cash back for shopping at its network of over 3,500 stores.

It is one of the leading cash-back platforms that also offers a $10 sign-up bonus!

  • sign up as a new member

  • purchase your favorite products for a minimum of $25 within 90 days of signing up

Your purchase has to be made through, the Rakuten App on iOS/Android, or its browser extension.

And your bonus amount will be added to your next cashback purchase.

You can also earn a referral bonus at Rakuten by sharing the referral link with your friends.

Your bonus gets added to your account when your friend signs up with your link and makes a purchase.

Rakuten - App that gives you free money for signing up
Rakuten - Free money for signing up

3) Rebates Me

Rebates Me is another shopping app that gives you free money for signing up. It has partnered with over 4,000 stores and gives you cash back when you make a purchase through its Chrome extension.

This app also gives you $10 cash back if you sign up and make a purchase.

Plus, as a new member, you get access to special deals including those in the below image:

RebatesMe - App That Gives Free Money For Sign Up
RebatesMe - App That Gives Free Money For Sign-Up

4) Univox

Univox is a survey app that gives you free money for signing up.

Just for a quick sign-up, this survey app rewards you with 200 points worth $2.

$2 may seem like a small amount, but remember that small drops make an ocean.

Univox- App that gives you signup bonus
Univox- App that gives you a signup bonus

As you take up more surveys, you earn points that you can redeem for PayPal, Amazon, Tango card, Virtual Master Card, etc.

5) Point Club

Point Club is another survey app where you can earn free money for signing up.

Once you confirm your email after you sign up, Point Club gives you a welcome bonus worth $5. Meaning, it credits your balance with 5,000 points.

Point Club - Free Money For Signing Up
Point Club - Free Money For Signing Up

When you complete your profile and take part in surveys or play games, you accumulate more points.

And you can redeem your points for over 200 gift cards, including:

  • Amazon

  • Starbucks

  • Target

  • Walmart

  • Home Depot

  • Restaurant Gift Cards

Isn't this simple and fun?

6) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is also one of those apps that gives you free money for signing up.

Swagbucks rewards its users in the form of points called Swagbucks for activities such as:

  • answering surveys

  • shopping

  • playing games including daily trivia

  • testing products

This app gives you 1,000 points as a signup bonus.

To receive your welcome bonus, all you need to do is:

  • Go to the Swag Ups section of your Swagbucks account and 'Activate' your bonus

  • Within 30 days of signing up, purchase at a featured store in the app that gives a minimum of 25 Swagbucks points

As you complete more Swagbucks tasks, you gain more points. You can redeem your points for gift cards or receive cashback at your PayPal account.

7) MyPoints

MyPoints is an all-in-one rewards app that also gives you free money of $5 for signing up. Once you sign up and confirm your email, your welcome bonus will be on your way!

MyPoints app rewards you with points to redeem your favorite gift cards for activities such as:

  • shopping

  • answering surveys

  • playing fun games like puzzles and trivia, etc.

MyPoints - Free Money For Signing Up
MyPoints - Free Money For Signing Up

8) ibotta

ibotta is a cashback app that also gives a sign-up bonus for new members. To claim your sign-up bonus, you need to join the app and spend a minimum of $30.

By signing up on this app, you get special deals on your favorite brands. Not just that, you also get up to 30% cashback from top retailers including Best Buy, Home Depot, and Sam's Club!

ibotta - Sign Up Bonus
ibotta - Sign Up Bonus

9) Dosh

Dosh is a unique cashback app that gives you free money for signing up. You don't have to use any coupon or scan receipts to claim your money!

It automatically gives you cash back.

Earning free money using this app is so simple - just sign up and add your card to Dosh. Then start paying using the Dosh app for activities you already do - shopping, dining, or booking hotels.

You may also get cashback through Dosh when you pay through apps like Venmo and Jelli.

Once you earn $15, you can transfer it to your bank account, PayPal or Venmo account.

From Costco to Crocs, you can earn free money using Dosh in no time!

Dosh App - Free money for signing up
Dosh App - Free money for signing up

10) BeFrugal

BeFrugal is one of the best cashback apps that gives free money for signing up. You get a $10 bonus when you sign up on this app. And the sign-up is of course free!

By downloading its free extension, you can automatically apply coupons and get up to 40% cash back from over 5,000 stores.

Moreover, you can choose to get your cash back through Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or even direct deposit!

BeFrugal - Free Money For Signing Up
BeFrugal - Free Money For Signing Up

11) Upromise

Upromise is a unique platform that helps individuals save money for college education. It acts as a rewards program, allowing you to earn cashback on everyday purchases that can be put toward college expenses.

It also gives you $30 for sign-up. Your $30 welcome bonus is credited as:

  • $5.29 for email verification

  • $25 for linking your 529 College Savings Plan account within 30 days of signing up

Note that to transfer this signup bonus to your 529 account, you need to meet the minimum transfer amount.

Upromise works by partnering with various retailers, restaurants, and service providers who offer cashback rewards when you make eligible purchases through the platform.

These earnings are then deposited into your Upromise account.

One of the advantages of using Upromise is that it provides an effortless way to save for college without making any significant changes to your spending habits.

By shopping at participating retailers or dining at partner restaurants, you can passively accumulate savings over time. This means that every purchase you make can contribute towards funding your education.

UPromise App - Sign Up Bonus
Upromise App - $30 Sign-Up Bonus

12) Chase Checking Account

Now you can earn $300 simply by opening a checking account at Chase Bank!

With this welcome offer for sign-up, opening a checking account at Chase is not only easy but also financially rewarding.

This is a limited-time promotion that gives you the benefits that come with being a Chase customer and also puts some extra cash in your pocket.

With Chase, you get easy access to your funds, convenient online banking features, and exceptional customer service.

So don't miss out on this opportunity to get $300 instantly simply by opening a checking account at Chase Bank!

Chase Bank Sign Up Bonus
Chase Bank Sign-Up Bonus

If you are a college student, you earn $100 for opening a Chase College Checking account!

Chase College Checking Account - Free money for signing up
Chase College Checking Account - Free money to sign up

13) ySense

ySense is an app that gives you cash rewards for taking paid surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, etc.

This app doesn't give you free money for signing up. However, by referring ySense to your friends, you can earn up to 30% of what they make after they join the app.

14) Opinion Panel

Opinion Panel is a UK-based survey app for youth that also gives you a sign-up bonus worth £10.

If you are between 16 and 30 years of age, you can sign up on this app and earn 1000 points as a welcome bonus, which is equivalent to £10.

On this app, you can earn up to £4 per survey and even £70 for big surveys. Once you earn points worth £25, you can redeem your points at your favorite store!

With £10 as your sign-up bonus, you only have to make £15 more to reap your rewards.

Opinion Panel - Welcome Bonus
Opinion Panel - Welcome Bonus

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FAQs on Apps That Give Free Money For Signing Up:

#1. What is a sign-up bonus?

A sign-up bonus is essentially a reward or incentive that companies offer to new customers for joining their platform.

These apps offer free money as an incentive to attract new users and encourage them to engage with their products or services.

When you hear the words "sign-up bonus," think about it as a welcome gift extended exclusively to new members.

These apps can give you bonuses in various forms, such as:

  • cash rewards

  • discounts

  • freebies

  • exclusive access to certain features or perks

#2. Are sign-up bonuses legit?

Yes, of course.

Sign-up bonuses serve as an incentive for customers to choose one company or app over its competitors.

By offering free money at the beginning of the customer journey, businesses can build loyalty from the start.

Also, sign-up bonuses help you explore and experience a company's products. It allows you to test-drive products or services before making any long-term commitments.

Various industries such as banking and finance, e-commerce platforms, online gaming, subscription-based services, etc. offer sign-up bonuses and they are certainly legit.

#3. How do I get sign-up bonuses?

To receive free money from your favorite apps, you need to take these simple steps:

  • Find the right app

  • Meet eligibility requirements

  • Create an account

  • Activate your bonus by following specific instructions

  • Enjoy the free money

Free money for signing up
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Final Thoughts - Free Money For Signing Up

If you want to earn some extra cash without much effort, apps with sign-up bonuses are your ticket to success. All it takes is a few clicks to start earning free money today!

So don't miss out on this opportunity to put some extra money in your pocket. Take advantage of these apps that give free money for signing up and start enjoying the benefits.

What are you waiting for? Take action now and watch your savings grow!

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