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How To Get Paid To Wait In Line Easily At Places And Events

Updated: Feb 14

Get paid to stand in line
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Do you know you can get paid $35 an hour easily to stand in line doing nothing?

Standing in queues is boring and it is easy to get frustrated. Waiting in queues can be debilitating and stressful, especially when you are the only person waiting.

You may lose your patience when you find that the queue has moved back only a few people, or if there are only two people ahead of you but they seem to be taking a long time.

Standing in queues can also be tiring because it takes a lot of energy to stay in one place for so long. People have to keep their weight balanced and maintain a certain posture. This is especially true for those who have to stand on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

Whether it's at the bank or supermarket, standing in line can be simply frustrating.

But, doesn't it get exciting and fun when you get paid for it? Yes! It is surprising to know that many are willing to hire line standers and pay them in exchange for standing in queues.

You can simply wait in a queue to hold someone's place and get paid! This is a unique side hustle that can be easily done by anyone!

Line-standing jobs help you earn some quick bucks without much effort. The best part is that you don't need any skills or qualifications. You can quickly make money as a line-stander by doing nothing!

In this article, let us learn how to get paid to stand in line as a line-stander.

Who is a line stander?

Line standers take out the burden of waiting in a queue for a long time by holding the place for line skippers. They help save time and a lot of headaches.

Line Standers are also called by other names like Line Sitters, Line Waiters, Queue Standers, Professional Line Sitters/Queuers, etc.

What does a line stander do?

Suppose you are out shopping for the Black Friday sale and waiting in a never-ending queue to get your turn. You would feel that you could probably do better things on a holiday rather than waiting in a long queue.

And you would seriously wish that someone reserves the spot for you since you don't want to miss the deal! This is exactly what line standers help with.

A line stander stands in line for others, typically people who want to buy a product or enter an event.

A line stander is usually paid for their services, and the person hiring them sometimes picks up the tab for food, drinks, and other amenities.

Can you get paid to stand in line?

Yes, you can get paid easily to stand in line.

Read this article to learn Jennifer Goff's story on how she became a line stander and later found Skip The Line.

How to become a line stander?

You can become a line stander by signing up at various line sitter companies. You can also apply for line-sitting jobs on online job boards such as Indeed.

Where to find line sitter jobs?

There are many professional line sitter companies/apps that connect people who want to wait in line with those who want to skip the line. You can easily find legit line-standing jobs in these apps:

#1. InLine4You

InLine4You is a well-known app that connects Spotters (line-sitters) with Hoppers (people looking for line-sitters). Download the InLine4You - iOS and InLine4You - Android apps to start earning today!

#2. Spotblaze

At Spotblaze, you can sign up as a line-sitter and offer a spot. One of the admirable features of Spotblaze is that you can track your line-skippers location in real-time and also communicate with them using the app.

Spotblaze makes payments to line-sitters through bank transfers.

All you need is just your smartphone to get started!

Download the Spotblaze - iOS and Spotblaze - Android apps to start your line-sitting side hustle!

#3. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit connects people who need help with helpers (also known as taskers) who can do the job in exchange for money.

TaskRabbit also offers line-standing tasks. To sign up, simply go to the TaskRabbit - Become a Tasker page and select the Category as 'Waiting in Line'.

How much money does a line stander make?

How much you can make as a line holder depends on the amount of time you spend standing in line. This is usually determined by the line skipper.

The line standing apps also deduct a commission for each task you take as a line stander. For example, Spotblaze deducts 20% for each transaction from a line-sitter.

On average, you can make around $25 to $35 an hour as a line stander. During the holiday season, you can get paid up to $70 to stand in line. Most line-sitting companies and apps pay through PayPal or bank transfer.

Is line sitting a real job?

Although this job gives you easy money, most treat it as a side hustle since you may not find regular work as a line waiter.

If you aren't sure that line sitting can be a real job or need some inspiration, here are some articles for you:

Where can you stand in line to get paid?

Wherever there gets a queue, people are willing to hire a line sitter to skip the long wait. As a line stander, you can get paid to wait in queues typically at:

  • Concerts

  • Shows and Events

  • Product Launches

  • Casting Calls

  • Restaurant

  • Theme Parks

  • Federal Offices

  • Night Clubs

  • Ticket Counters

  • Book Signings

  • Black Friday Events

  • Clothing releases

  • iPhone releases

  • Cafe

What Are The Qualities Needed To Become A Line Stander?

Although line standing is an easy job, you:

- Must be patient

- Must not react impulsively

- Must not behave aggressively

- Must have a professional attitude

If you have the above qualities in you, there is no stopping you from making money as a line-stander.

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Final Thoughts On Getting Paid To Wait In Queue:

Queues can be a hassle. One has to wait in line for an unknown amount of time and because of this, you may not be able to manage your other activities. This is frustrating and often leads to anger and frustration.

For many, it is hard to even imagine waiting in a one-place line that never ends. It's not just queues that get in the way of our day-to-day lives, but other peoples' poor behavior as well.

A line-sitter is the best solution to tackle all these problems. If you tend to be patient over long queues and are willing to help others, a line-sitting job should be a perfect one for you!

Hope this article helped you discover a unique job that requires absolutely no skills or experience and gave you insights on getting paid to stand in line!

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