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15 Cool Ways To Sell Recipes Online And Make Money (With Examples)

How To Sell Recipes Online And Make Money
How To Sell Recipes Online

Are you passionate about cooking? Do you get compliments frequently for your cooking skills and unique recipes?

With the world becoming increasingly digital, selling recipes online has become an attractive option for many who love food.

Not only is it a great way to share your passion for cooking with others, but you can also make a decent income from it.

You can easily earn money by selling recipes online by taking advantage of the internet.

So, let's explore 15 ways to sell recipes so you can start cashing in on your culinary creations easily.

How To Sell Recipes Online - 15 Ways To Sell Recipes:

Here is a comprehensive list of 15 ways to sell recipes online:

Let's now look into them one by one.

1) Sell Recipes To Magazines/Websites

Selling recipes to magazines and websites is a no-cost way to gain visibility for your work.

Though some magazines may not pay you in return, your published recipes could take you one step closer to making money.

By selling your original recipes online, your name and recipes will reach a wider audience and could bring you opportunities you never imagined.

For example, you can kickstart your recipe-selling journey by submitting your recipes to the following websites/magazines:

Taste Of Home:

Taste Of Home has been welcoming recipe submissions for publication in their magazines, books, and websites.

You can make use of this opportunity to get an audience for your recipes.

Taste Of The South:

Taste Of The South is a food magazine that is loved by cooks around the world.

Visit the TasteOfTheSouth Recipe Submission page to submit your recipes and earn the recognition you deserve!

The Vegan Society:

If you are a vegan yourself or love creating vegan recipes, you can sell your recipes at The Vegan Society.

It is to be noted that this website allows only one entry per week.

Utah Life Magazine:

Utah Life Magazine is another website that accepts recipes. If you want your recipes to reach people who love Utah, do submit your work at the Utah Life Magazine Recipe Submission page.

Kitchen Work:

Kitchen Work is another website where you can sell recipes online and get paid around $0.10 per word for accepted recipes.

Epicure & Culture:

If you are someone who enjoys recipes and also the culture/history behind them, you should try submitting your recipe at EpicureAndCulture.

Getting your recipes published online is a fantastic way to gain visibility and start selling your recipes online. Don't you agree?

2) Sell Recipes On Social Media

Selling recipes online on social media is a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience quickly and easily.

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your recipes and drive sales.

Additionally, you can also use influencer marketing or sponsored posts to create more visibility.

For your recipes to get seen by the right people, remember that you need to:

  • Post consistently on social media

  • Optimize posts for search engines

  • Create appropriate hashtags

3) Sell Recipes on Revenue Sharing Platforms

By selling your recipes on revenue-sharing platforms such as RecipeYum, you receive a share of their revenue.

Simply put, RecipeYum pays you every time someone reads your recipes. It is also a great platform to promote your recipe website or blog. In addition to that, you earn $1 to $10 for interesting recipes that are presented with eye-catching photos.

Isn't that a cool way to sell your recipes online?

4) Start A Recipe Blog

Recipe bloggers are those who are passionate about food and share their knowledge with others. They also help their readers discover new recipes and techniques.

Starting a recipe blog is a perfect way to share your recipes and cooking experiences with the online world and also sell them.

By creating content with detailed instructions, helpful tips, and photos of your creations, you can monetize your blog. Blogging also helps you create a community of unique recipe lovers.

As you gain the trust of your readers, you can create premium recipes that they can buy for a nominal sum.

5) Sell Cookbooks/eBooks

Selling recipe ebooks is another way to go to make money off your cooking skills. You can create a recipe cookbook on your original recipes and this will certainly bring you a steady stream of income.

For example:

  • Create a blog with recipes and promote the ebook on it

  • Sell your recipe ebook on platforms like Etsy and Gumroad and promote it through social media

Sell recipes online - Etsy
Image Credit: Etsy

6) Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is underrated because many think that it is oversaturated. But the truth is, it is one of the easiest ways to get an audience today.

By showing your viewers how to create unique recipes and the different techniques to create them, you will start getting loyal subscribers easily.

Over time, you can start selling your innovative recipes to your viewers and also make money by monetizing the channel.

Remember that patience is key when it comes to YouTube.

7) Recipe Contests

Recipe contests provide an excellent opportunity for chefs, foodies, and aspiring cooks to showcase their skills while having fun!

A recipe contest is an event in which participants submit recipes to compete for prizes. Participants can submit any type of recipe, from desserts and appetizers to main dishes and drinks.

At the end of the contest, a panel of judges will select the winners based on creativity, taste, and presentation.

For example, Taste Of Home conducts recipe contests regularly. By participating in it, you can gain recognition for your work and also win some great prizes! Do you know that you can win as much as $500 in its Valentine's Day Recipe Contest?

Calling All Contestants is a very useful, one-stop website for all food-related contests. It showcases all the recipe contests that are open for submission, with their deadlines. Keep an eye on it so that you don't miss any recipe contests you could win.

Recipe Contests (Sell Recipes Online)
Calling All Contestants - Recipe Contests

8) Sell Recipes Online From Your Website

If you are not too much of a social media person, you can create your personal website and start selling your recipes on it.

The following platforms, for example, have made selling recipes online easier than ever:

There is nothing like having your own website and selling recipes from there. However, it is important to know its pros and cons to make informed decisions.

Pros Of Selling Recipes Online From Your Website:

  • You are not dependent on social media algorithms

  • You have a major hand in your product listings and pricing

Cons Of Selling Recipes Online From Your Website:

  • You need to have an established audience when you start selling from your website, or else it gets harder to get sales

  • You might need to invest in extensive marketing to gain more audience

9) Sell Recipes on Freelance Platforms

Another easier way to sell recipes online is to list yourself as a recipe writer on freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Do check out the Fiverr - Recipe Writer and Upwork -Recipe Writer pages for reference.

You can easily make around $35 to $50 as a freelance recipe writer.

Additionally, you can opt to provide ghostwriting services to write cookbooks, recipe e-books, and food articles to start making money out of recipes.

10) Become A Recipe Developer

Recipe Developers are the creative minds behind delicious and innovative dishes.

They have the potential to make an impact on how people cook, eat, and enjoy food. They are the unsung heroes of the culinary world.

To become a recipe developer, you should:

  • Understand flavors, food techniques, and presentation

  • Craft recipes from scratch, develop them to perfection, and turn them into easy-to-follow instructions

  • Create unique flavor combinations and test recipes until they are perfect

If you have the above skills, you can list yourself as a freelance recipe developer on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

For reference and some inspiration, check out the Fiverr- Recipe Developers and Upwork - Recipe Developers pages.

You can earn as much as $70/hr on these platforms by selling recipes online as a recipe developer.

11) Sell Recipes Online Through Cooking Workshops/Tutorials

One easy way to sell recipes online is by conducting virtual cooking classes.

With the help of online video tutorials or cooking workshops, you can easily teach people how to cook delicious meals and earn money by selling unique recipes in the process.

You can either conduct live workshops on social media or create tutorials on platforms like Teachable and Kajabi.

12) Sell Recipes To Online Cooking Communities

Building an engaged community around your cooking blog and selling recipes online to your community members is an excellent option to consider.

You can also join an online cooking community where you can connect with like-minded cooks, share tips and tricks, and gain valuable feedback from other members.

For example, Cookpad is one such group dedicated to writing and sharing interesting recipes.

Selling your recipes through a subscription service is also a profitable idea to consider.

13) Sell Meal Plans

Selling recipes online along with meal plans is a beautiful way to make money. Through this, you also help others lead healthier, happier lives.

You can sell both simple and specialty recipes along with meal plans and it will certainly give your customers a whole-some approach to healthy eating.

For example, if you are selling a 4-week plant-based Mediterranean meal plan, you could sell Mediterranean recipes along with it as a bundle.

Or, if you are selling a meal planner for Keto based diet, you could sell Keto recipes along with it, so that your customers can have them handy for everyday reference.

14) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another effective way to monetize your recipes and cooking knowledge.

By partnering with brands and promoting their products through affiliate links, you can generate income from your blog, website, or social media account.

Don't miss to read the 16 Best Food Affiliate Programs that you can try your hands on.

15) Become A Recipe Influencer

Thanks to social media, it has never been easier to share your recipes with a wider audience.

As a recipe influencer, you can sell recipes online and make a whole new career path in the world of food blogging today.

Read the 10 Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Micro-Influencer to take your influencer career to the next level.

FAQs On How To Sell Recipes Online:

#1. Can recipes be sold?

Yes, anyone can sell recipes online.

With more people looking for interesting recipes and wanting to save time in the kitchen, selling recipes has become a great way to make extra money.

Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur home cook, you can monetize your recipes by selling them online.

#2. How much should I sell a recipe for?

Writing a recipe is no easy task - it takes creativity, knowledge, and practice to perfect it.

You need to consider the following factors when determining how much you should sell your recipe for:

  • Time and effort you put into creating the recipe

  • The demand for the kind of recipe you create

  • Any associated costs such as ingredients, equipment, etc.

  • Marketing costs, if any

As per this Shopify Article On Selling Recipes, most recipes are priced between $20 to $50. It is to be noted that every business is different and this number is to be taken only as a reference.

#3. How do I monetize my recipes?

To monetize your recipes, you need to first decide on your recipe category (Vegan, for example), identify your niche, and build an audience.

Whether you are leveraging the power of social media, digital platforms, or other methods, you can turn your cooking skills into a profitable venture by providing unique, original, and easy-to-follow recipes to your customers.

How To Sell Recipes Online And Make Money
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Final Thoughts On How To Sell Recipes Online:

Selling recipes online can be a great way to supplement your income. From digital cookbooks full of your signature dishes to individual recipes, you can easily start creating a revenue stream from your passion for cooking.

Not only does it provide you with an additional source of income, but it also allows you to showcase your culinary creations and share them with the world.

Hope this post provided you with valuable guidance on how to sell recipes online and turn your passion for recipes into a profitable side hustle.

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