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Top 23 Things To Rent Out To Make Money - Smart and Profitable

Updated: Mar 23

Looking to earn money effortlessly? Renting out things could be the perfect solution.

Just look at the things around you. From piled-up clothing to that extra space, do you get to use all your stuff every day?

No, right? So why not rent out the things you don't use frequently and make money?

Not only will it declutter your space, but it will also be useful to others while bringing you money.

When we talk about things to rent out to make money, those items sitting idle in your house are not the only option. There are many niches to explore in a rental business.

Plus, you can do your rental business either as a side hustle or as a full-time business.

In this post, let's explore the things to rent out to make money and discover the various rental businesses that can help you achieve financial success.

Things to rent out to make money
Things to rent out to make money

23 Things To Rent Out To Make Money

Here is a glance into the different things to rent out and make money:

Home Utility Items:

Personal Care Items:

Literature, Art, Music:

Rent Your Time:




Outdoor Items:

Let's discuss them one by one.


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Renting Out Home Utility Things To Make Money:

1) Kitchen Items

You don't need anything complex to rent out and make money. You can simply get started by renting out your kitchen items!

Who can you rent out kitchen items to?

People often look for kitchen item rentals for various reasons, such as:

  • hosting events

  • trying out new appliances before buying them

  • to simply avoid the hassle of storing unused items

You can rent out your kitchenware to these people and make money.

What kitchen items can you rent out to make money?

You can rent out a wide range of kitchen gadgets such as:

  • small appliances like blenders and coffee makers

  • cookware sets

  • specialty tools like pasta makers or food processors

  • even larger items like stand mixers or grills

You can also rent out commercial kitchen spaces to bakers, pop-up chefs, and caterers looking for affordable spaces!

For example, you can list your commercial kitchen spaces at Peerspace and make money.

Is renting out commercial kitchen space profitable?

Yes, it is. According to Peerspace, you can make around $95/hour by renting out commercial kitchens.

2) Electronic Items

Another interesting thing to rent out and make money is electronic items.

Electronic items are particularly popular for rentals, as people often require specialized appliances or gadgets for short-term use without the commitment of purchasing.

What electronic items can you rent out to make money?

Some popular electronic things that you can rent out for extra income are:

  • laptops

  • projectors

  • fridges

  • washing machines

  • dishwashers, etc.

By renting out these things when not in use, you can maximize their utility and also earn passive income.

Who can you rent out electronic items to?

You can rent out electronic items to people from various backgrounds such as:

  • travelers

  • students

  • .professionals, etc.

3) Furniture

Renting out furniture is an easy way to make money while providing a valuable service to those in need of temporary furnishings.

Who can you rent out furniture to?

People from various backgrounds seek furniture rentals, including:

  • event planners

  • individuals moving to a new city

  • homeowners looking to stage their property for sale, etc.

  • Airbnb owners

You can start a rental business by catering to these people.

What kinds of furniture items can you rent out?

Depending on the occasion or customer needs, you can rent out a wide range of furniture items such as:

  • tables

  • chairs

  • sofas

  • decorative pieces, etc.

Renting Out Personal Care Items To Make Money:

4) Clothes and Accessories

Sustainable fashion is a trend today that you can monetize by renting out clothes and accessories!

Many fashion enthusiasts seek unique and upscale designer clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories for special occasions. They don't want to spend too much on something that they would only wear occasionally.

From elegant evening gowns and statement accessories to chic everyday wear and vintage finds, you can rent out various styles and make money.

Where can you rent out clothing?

Look for apps and websites available in your location for listing rental clothing. Read their terms and conditions and list your items for rent.

Here are some websites where you can rent out clothing and make money:

  • LeOra - On this platform, you can rent clothing and accessories that are between $100 and $2000 in value. Just ship your items with prepaid labels and get paid!

  • RentMyWardrobe - This is an iOS app where you can rent out clothing (except fast fashion) and accessories to make money.

How much can you make by renting out clothes?

You can make up to $5000 a month by renting out clothes. Does it sound too good to be true? Read this success story on a clothing rental business to get some inspiration!

Bonus Tip: Start by renting out your own clothes. As you grow, you can source inventory through partnerships with designers and brands, or by purchasing pre-loved clothing in good condition.

5) Baby Items

Renting out baby items is another thing you can do to make some extra money while helping out other parents in need.

Many parents want to save money on expensive purchases and are often seeking affordable and temporary options for baby gear, making the demand for rental services high.

Who can you rent out baby items to?

Those looking for baby item rentals include:

  • traveling families

  • parents hosting guests with young children

  • parents attending special events like weddings or parties

What baby items can be rented out?

A wide range of baby items can be rented out, including:

  • strollers

  • car seats

  • cribs

  • high chairs

  • toys, etc.

Where can you list baby items for rent?

You can list your baby items for rent on online platforms such as specialized rental websites or local community marketplaces.

BabyQuip is one such platform where you can list baby gear for rent and make money

Renting Out Literature, Art, Music Related Things To Make Money:

6) Books

Renting out books to make money is a smart and practical way to monetize your book collection.

By starting a book rental business, you will help book lovers and students offset the cost of buying books.

To whom can you rent your books and make money?

Typically, there is a demand for book rentals from:

  • students

  • avid readers

  • researchers

  • people looking for temporary access to specific titles

By offering your books for rent, you can cater to this market and generate passive income from your collection.

What kinds of books can be rented out?

A wide range of books can be rented out, including:

  • textbooks

  • magazines

  • fiction novels

  • self-help guides, etc.

Make sure you identify popular or niche titles that are in demand and list them for rent at competitive rates.

How to rent out books and make money?

To maximize your earnings from renting out books, consider listing them on online platforms dedicated to book rentals or creating your own rental services like BooksRun or BookScouter.

This way, you can reach a broader audience of book renters and make money from your book collection.

7) Artwork

Another thing to rent out and make money is artwork.

By offering your artwork for rent, you are not only allowing others to enjoy and appreciate your collection but also opening up new opportunities to earn money.

To whom can you rent out artwork and make money?

People who often seek artwork rentals are:

  • art enthusiasts

  • interior designers

  • corporate offices

  • event planners

  • individuals looking to enhance their spaces

These people value the flexibility and variety that renting artwork provides without the commitment of purchasing.

What artwork can you rent out?

You can rent out various types of artwork such as:

  • paintings

  • drawings

  • sculptures

  • photography, etc.

Whether it is contemporary art or classic masterpieces, there is a demand for diverse styles in the rental market.

Where can you rent out your art to make money?

Here are some online art rental marketplaces where you can rent out your art and make money:

8) Musical Instruments

Do you know that you can rent out musical instruments and make money?

By renting out musical instruments, you can earn money while helping others pursue their passion for music.

Who can you rent out musical instruments to?

People who are generally looking for musical instrument rentals are:

  • music enthusiasts

  • schools

  • bands

  • event organizers, etc.

What musical instruments can you rent out and make money?

From guitars and keyboards to drums and brass instruments, you can rent out any kind of musical instrument and make money.

Where to list your musical instruments for rent?

To maximize your rental income, list your musical instruments on online platforms dedicated to rentals or music-related websites. This exposure will help you reach a wider audience of renters who are actively seeking specific instruments for short-term use.

Renting Out Your Time To Make Money:

9) Friendship

Have nothing to rent out? No worries. You can rent out your time for money!

Renting friendships to make money is a unique concept that offers both financial benefits and meaningful friendships.

By offering your friendship for rent, you can provide companionship to those in need while earning an income through a genuine and mutually beneficial arrangement.

Who can you rent out your friendship to for money?

People seeking friendship rentals may include:

  • busy professionals

  • ex-pats looking to connect with locals

  • those seeking companionship for specific events or activities

  • those wanting to learn a craft

Where can you rent out your friendship to make money?

You can list your friendship on platforms that cater to connecting individuals seeking companionship with those offering their time and friendship services.

For example, RentAFriend is a platform that provides a safe and reliable space to rent out your time and share your personality and interests with people in your area.

Renting Out Space To Make Money:

10) Pet Boarding

Renting out pet boarding spaces is another way to earn extra income while providing a valuable service to pet owners.

It is a win-win situation where you can make money while helping pet owners find safe and reliable accommodations for their furry friends.

Many people are looking for trustworthy and affordable pet boarding rentals to care for their pets while they are away.

Who can you rent out pet boarding to?

Pet owners who travel frequently or have busy schedules often seek out pet boarding rentals to ensure their pets are well taken care of in their absence.

What kind of pet boarding can you rent out to make money?

You can rent out various types of pet boarding can be rented out, including:

  • traditional kennels

  • in-home pet-sitting services

  • small dog parks

  • specialized facilities such as medical care or grooming

Where can you list your pet boarding rental business?

To list your pet boarding for rent, you can utilize online platforms dedicated to connecting pet owners with boarding providers.

These platforms offer visibility and convenience for both parties, making it easier to find suitable matches and streamline the rental process.

Here are some platforms to list your pet boarding services and make money:

11) Spare Room

Have an extra room that you are willing to share with others? Then you can easily rent it out and make money!

Subletting your spare room not only helps you generate extra income but also allows you to meet interesting people from around the world.

Who can you rent out your spare rooms to?

You can rent out your spare rooms to anyone looking for unique and affordable accommodations and make money.

Typically, tourists, business travelers, and students in need of short-term housing regularly seek rental rooms in various locations.

Where can you list your spare rooms for rent to make money?

To list your spare room for rent, here are some excellent choices:

If you own a property, try platforms like Setscouter and Giggster to list it for film shoots. Note that to do this, you will need the required insurance and filming permits.

12) Office Space

Another thing to rent out and make money is office space.

Who can you rent out office space to?

Various types of renters often look for a suitable workspace for their operations, like:

  • entrepreneurs

  • startups

  • small businesses

  • even established companies

What types of office spaces can you rent out to make money?

As for renting out office spaces, there are diverse options like:

  • traditional offices

  • co-working spaces

  • shared work environments

Liquidspaces is one such app to rent out office spaces and make money effortlessly.

13) Parking Space or Garage

We all know how difficult it is to get a parking space or a garage!

And do you know that your parking space is a valuable commodity? Yes, people are constantly searching for convenient and affordable parking options all the time!

If you have an empty garage or designated parking spot, you can list your space for rent and make money.

Where can you list your parking space to rent out?

Various platforms are available today where you can list your space for rent, connect with drivers who need convenient parking options, and make money.

For example:

14) Storage Space

Storage space is another thing to rent out and make money.

If you have unused storage space in your garage, basement, or even an entire storage unit, you can rent them out and make money.

And you don't have to invest in additional resources or equipment to start this rental business.

Who can you rent out storage spaces to?

Some examples of people looking for storage rentals are:

  • homeowners looking to declutter their homes

  • small businesses in need of extra inventory space, etc.

  • those needing RV, car, or boat storage spaces

You can also cater to different needs by offering various storage options such as climate-controlled units, outdoor sheds, etc.

Where can you list your storage space to rent out?

You can list your storage space on popular online platforms such as Neighbor.

Such platforms are dedicated to helping you attract renters who are actively searching for storage solutions.

Renting Out Transport-Related Things To Make Money:

15) Bikes

Offering bike rentals in tourist hotspots or urban areas is another thing you can do to make money.

It is also a way to provide sustainable transportation options for both locals and visitors.

Who can you rent out bikes to?

Both locals and visitors can benefit from your rentals. In general, people looking for bike rentals include:

  • tourists exploring new cities

  • commuters seeking alternative transportation options

  • fitness enthusiasts looking to explore the outdoors

  • families wanting to enjoy a leisurely ride together

What kinds of bikes can you rent out?

Depending on the location, you can offer a variety of bikes for rent, ranging from:

  • standard city bikes

  • electric bicycles

  • specialized models like mountain bikes or tandem bikes, etc.

Where can you list your bike rental business?

To promote your bike rental business effectively, list it on popular platforms such as travel websites and local directories. You can also check out specialized bike rental platforms such as:

This way, you can attract more riders to your bike rental business and make money.

16) Car

Car rentals are a popular choice for tourists, business travelers, commuters, and even locals in need of a temporary vehicle.

That is why renting out your car is a great thing to make money.

What cars can you rent out to make money?

You can rent out different types of cars depending on your target market.

For example, you can rent out:

  • compact city cars for short trips

  • spacious SUVs perfect for family vacations

  • luxury cars for premium driving experiences

Where can you list your cars for rentals?

To list your cars for rent, you can use online platforms dedicated to car rentals such as:

Additionally, you can also promote your rental services through social media channels and local advertising to reach a wider audience.

17) Trucks

If you are interested in offering transportation services, renting out trucks is another way to make money.

Whether you own a fleet of trucks or just a single vehicle, renting them out can provide a steady stream of income.

Who can you rent out trucks to for money?

The demand for rental trucks is diverse. You can rent out trucks commonly to:

  • entrepreneurs

  • small business owners

  • industries

  • individuals in need of temporary transportation solutions, etc.

What kind of trucks can you rent out to make money?

Depending on your budget, you can rent out various types of trucks such as:

  • box trucks

  • pickup trucks

  • specialized vehicles like refrigerated trucks, dump trucks, etc.

Where can you list your trucks for rent?

To maximize your earnings from renting out your trucks, you can list them on popular platforms like FluidTruck.

How much can you make by renting out your trucks?

According to FluidTruck, you can make up to $25,000 a year renting out your trucks.

18) Boat

If you are a boat owner, renting out boats is a unique way to make money.

Who can you rent out boats to for money?

A diverse range of people are interested in renting boats, such as:

  • tourists looking to explore the waters on vacation

  • locals wanting a fun day out on the lake, etc.

Additionally, events such as weddings, corporate retreats, and parties often require boat rentals for unique experiences.

What kinds of boats can you rent out?

Boat owners can rent out various types of boats that cater to different preferences.

For example, you can rent out:

  • small motorboats and pontoons for leisurely cruises

  • fishing boats

  • luxury yachts for special occasions, etc.

Where can you list your boats for rent?

To list your boats for rent, you can check out online platforms dedicated to boat rentals such as:

These platforms connect boat owners with renters and also provide a secure way to manage bookings and payments.

Renting Out Items For Events To Make Money:

19) Costumes

Renting out costumes is a fun and creative way to make money.

There is a growing demand for costume rentals, especially for special occasions like:

  • Halloween

  • themed parties

  • theater productions

  • special events

Who can you rent out costumes to?

From partygoers seeking unique outfits to theater companies needing period costumes, there is a diverse section of people to whom you can rent out costumes.

You can list your costumes for rent on social media marketplaces, or even create your own website to rent them out.

20) Rentals For Parties and Gatherings

Offering event venue rentals for parties and gatherings is another opportunity to make money.

You can rent out event locations/venues such as:

  • a spacious backyard

  • a stylish loft

  • a cozy event space

In addition to that, you can also offer additional rentals like party furniture, décor, lighting equipment, etc. to make more money.

Who can you rent out party rentals to?

  • party planners

  • events like birthdays or weddings

  • businesses hosting corporate events, etc.

To maximize your earnings, list your party rental services on online platforms like Peerspace or advertise locally to attract customers.

Renting Out Outdoor Things To Make Money:

21) Photography Equipment

Another thing to rent out to make money is your photography equipment.

Photography equipment is usually expensive and not many want to invest in it. That is why many enthusiasts and professionals in the photography industry often look to rent them for specific projects or events.

Who can you rent out your photography equipment to?

Typically, you can rent out your photography equipment to:

  • photographers

  • videographers

  • content creators

  • hobbyists, etc.

What kinds of photography equipment can be rented?

You can rent out a wide range of photography equipment, including:

  • high-end cameras and lenses

  • drones

  • lighting kits

  • accessories

If you can offer quality gear and reliable service, you can establish yourself as a trusted provider of camera gear rental.

Where to list your photography equipment for rent?

To make money from your unused gear, list your photography equipment for rent on online platforms such as:

22) Camping Space

Camping space is another exciting thing to rent out to make money.

Who can you rent out camping space to?

People seeking camping equipment rentals range from:

  • outdoor enthusiasts

  • families planning a weekend getaway, etc.

Where to list your camping space rental business to make money?

To rent out camping space effectively, list your camping equipment rental business on popular platforms like Campspace.

23) Tent Rentals

Renting tents is another lucrative business opportunity with high demand from various types of customers.

Who can you rent tents to for money?

There is always someone looking to rent a tent for:

  • camping trips

  • outdoor events

  • weddings

  • festivals, etc.

You can cater to these people by renting out tents and make money easily.

What kinds of tents can you rent out?

You can offer a variety of tent rental options to make money such as:

  • camping tents

  • party tents

  • luxury glamping tents, etc.

  • tents for outdoor festivals and weddings

  • tents for conventions and corporate meetings

  • tents for tournaments and games, etc.

How to start a tent rental business?