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What is Etsy - A Beginner's Guide

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

What is Etsy - Etsy for Beginners
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In this article, we will quickly learn what is Etsy. If you are planning to start a business and wondering how Etsy is beneficial for you, it is important to learn what is Etsy so that you can decide for yourself if it is worth your time and money.

Who is Etsy for?

Are you looking to start a side hustle or a small business, but concerned because you have no audience? Or do you think you have no marketing skills to even think about starting a small business? Do you wish to earn from the comfort of your home while balancing personal and professional life? Is it your dream to be your own boss? Are you willing to put all the efforts a business demands and ready to face challenges everyday?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then this ‘Sell on Etsy’ series is going to help you.

Why Etsy?

Starting a business is indeed a tiresome process, with lots of ups and downs along the way. However, with proper planning and identifying the right business for you, the journey of solopreneurs can be quite enjoyable.

In this internet era, starting a business has never been easier. Be it physical products such as handcrafted items or digital products such as pdf documents, you can reach millions of potential customers right from your cozy living room. All this is possible, thanks to online market places like Etsy.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online platform or marketplace, in which anyone can sell their items. You can sell either physical products or digital products. If you are selling a physical product, you will have to ship the order to your customer address. In case of digital products, your customers will simply download the files and the transaction is done.

Advantages of Etsy:
  • Very easy to setup your shop

  • Managing payment is well handled

  • Market analysis can be done by yourself, since there would be multiple sellers for same niche

  • No previous experience or established audience is required

  • Better access to customers than setting up your own website

  • Low investment

Disadvantages of Etsy:

  • Too much competition

  • Etsy algorithm can be tricky to crack, which is necessary to get your products ranked

How to sell on Etsy:

Selling on Etsy involves three simple steps:

  1. Create a seller account

  2. Setup your own shop

  3. List your items

In the upcoming articles, we will learn Etsy step-by-step. So watch out and don’t miss out!

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