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What To Sell on Gumroad - Digital Product Ideas Trending Today

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Gumroad Tutorial - What to sell - Digital Products
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In the previous post, we learnt what Gumroad is all about and how it compares to related platforms such as Teachable and Kajabi. In this post, you will get to know what to sell on Gumroad. So, let’s dive straight into it.

Following are the categories and the digital products that are making it big in Gumroad. Analyzing the digital products under each of the categories will help you in deciding what to sell on Gumroad, within your comfort zone.


The best sellers in this category are vrchat avatars, vrchat assets, 3D models, blenders, animations, after effects, motion graphics etc. If you are passionate about animation, vrchat avatars and vrchat assets are what you should focus on today.

Apps & Software

You can sell your applications and software related to your business - even plugins and presets. For example, writing tool Hemingway App sells the Hemingway Editor for Mac and Windows in Gumroad. In a similar way, think of what software, plugins and presets you can develop for your business.

Books & Writing

Ranging from ebooks, books to stories and any piece of writing, Gumroad inspires you to be your creative best! Figure out what form of writing you enjoy, then write it and just list it in Gumroad. By doing this, you will realize that your creative outlet can not only fill your heart, but also your pockets.


If your area of expertise is Comics, then Gumroad is the best place to sell your creations. Adventure, Fantasy, Manga, Comic Books and Illustrations are some of the popular ones in this category. If comics is your interest, you should definitely give this a shot.

Crafts & DIY

Paper crafts, DIY, preschool and kindergarten related crafts such as printable activities, coloring books, cross-stitch patterns etc. are evergreen products that help you make the additional income you yearn. There are innumerable crafts that you can create today, just from the skills and resources you already possess. Therefore, selling crafts and DIY items are some of the best ways to earn extra money.

Design & Tech Products

Fonts, flowchart kits, icons and mock-ups are good examples that can be sold under this category. If designing is your forte, selling design and tech products is definitely worth your time.

Drawing & Painting

Procreate Brushes, digital paintings, painting guides, coloring books, wallpapers and any digital art form born out of your imagination are quite popular in Gumroad. For someone blessed with exceptional drawing and painting skills, this is where his path should lead to.


Tutorials and educational materials are best examples to be sold under Education. Just think over what skills you have, then package them into a digital product and sell them as educational material in Gumroad. It is as simple as that!

Food & Cooking

Meal Planners, Cookbooks, Recipes, How To guides, Nutritional Planners etc. sell like hotcakes in Gumroad. Hence, those with that golden touch in kitchen should not miss trying these ideas.

Music & Sound Design

Music theory courses, e-sheet music, soundtracks are best sellers in the category of music. Therefore, let your musical magic touch as many hearts in the form of courses or e-sheets!

Photo & Filters

Lightroom presets, Photography courses, wallpapers, stock photos will give you great return on investment. This is something you should definitely give a try if your passion lies in photography.

Podcasts & Audio Books

Podcasts and audio books related to meditation, health, self development and business are hot items that you can simply close your eyes and spend time working on. Just like crafts and DIY items, podcasts and audio books can be created for the skills you already possess. Thus, selling podcasts and audio books are cool ways to generate that passive income!


Fitness programs, workout programs, instructional videos, strength training programs and How-To guides are popular under Sports section.

Pro Tips:

Tip #1: Want to test the waters first? If this is the case, then try selling your product for $0 in order to promote your business initially or to do some market research! This will enable you to know your current position in the market, so that you can modify and relaunch your product later for a much better price.

Tip #2: Are you still unsure of what product to sell on Gumroad? Check out the Discover section in the Gumroad website, then select your area of interest and see what products are selling best at the moment. This way, you can easily find your niche and also narrow down to a sub-niche!

Hope this quick guide helps you with some good ideas on what to sell on Gumroad. Using this reference, you can make the right decision based on what items are selling best on Gumroad. Utilize this quick roadmap, find your niche and success is yours!

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