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Get Paid to Type At Home: 12 Best Websites & Reliable Ways to Make Money

Updated: Feb 16

Get Paid To Type At Home
Get Paid To Type At Home

Online typing jobs are an excellent way to make money from your home. This kind of job requires no prior experience and can be done from any location with an internet connection.

You can easily get paid to type at home for companies that need data entry services and the like.

The best part about online typing jobs is that you can get paid for your time and skills, without having to leave the house or commute to a physical office. You can choose from a variety of companies that pay to type at home, depending on your skillset and availability.

Whether you are looking for a full-time job or just want to make some extra cash, you can easily get these online typing jobs and get paid to type at home.

In this article, we will explore the different types of typing jobs and how much you can earn by doing them. We will also discuss some of the best typing jobs online so you can get started to earn money immediately.

12 Best Jobs In Which You Can Get Paid To Type At Home

As a beginner, you can find a variety of online typing jobs that you can get paid for, while as an experienced typist, you can earn more money with higher-paying gigs.

Many people confuse typing jobs with writing jobs. It is important to know that they are similar, but not the same.

Writing involves a lot more thinking and structuring of thoughts (For example, content writing, copywriting, etc.) whereas typing jobs could simply be data entry or transcription.

Here are the 12 best online typing jobs in which you can get paid to type at home:

  1. Data entry

  2. Transcription

  3. Live Chat Operator

  4. Moderator

  5. Captioning

  6. Editing

  7. Type Captchas

  8. SEO Outline Writer

  9. Translation

  10. Image-to-text conversion

  11. Virtual Assistant

  12. Surveys

1) Data Entry:

With data entry jobs, you can earn money by entering information into forms or databases, transcribing audio files, or even creating content outlines for websites and blogs.

A data entry job involves getting paid to type at home and is typically performed from a remote location.

Data entry jobs may involve anything from typing up customer orders to inputting survey results into a spreadsheet.

These jobs require accuracy and attention to detail and can offer flexible work hours and opportunities for growth.

2) Transcription

A transcription job is a form of data entry work that involves listening to audio or video recordings and typing out what is being said. It can be a great way for someone with excellent listening skills to earn extra income and develop their typing speed.

Transcription jobs vary in length and complexity, but no matter the task, the final result is always an accurate written record of audio or video content.

Read the 21 Best Online Transcription Sites For Beginners to know the best companies where you can get transcription jobs.

3) Live Chat Operator

Live chat operator jobs are an increasingly popular career choice, offering flexible work schedules and opportunities to engage with customers. In these roles, operators provide customer service support through online live chats.

They must be able to communicate effectively, respond quickly and thoroughly to inquiries, and create a positive customer experience.

Live chat operators can easily transition into other roles in customer service or even become full-time employees.

4) Moderator

Moderator jobs are also getting popular in the modern work landscape. These positions involve monitoring and moderating online content, such as websites, forums, and social media platforms.

Moderators are responsible for upholding standards of behavior, ensuring content is appropriate and relevant, responding to user queries, and managing disputes.

5) Captioning

Captioning and subtitle jobs have become well-known in recent years as a way to get paid to type online.

With the rise of streaming services, there is a growing demand for captioners and subtitle translators to provide captions and subtitles for movies, TV shows, and other forms of media.

Captioning jobs require specialized skills such as language fluency, typing speed, accuracy, and knowledge of computer-aided translation software.

With these skillsets in hand, captioners can find flexible income opportunities while also contributing to making entertainment accessible to all audiences.

6) Editing

Editing jobs are a great way to use your writing and editing skills to make money. Editing jobs involve reviewing, correcting, and improving written content so that it meets certain standards of quality.

From books to websites, editing jobs can be found in almost any industry that produces written material.

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7) Type Captchas

Captcha typing jobs are a great way for people to get paid to type at home. With these jobs, workers can type out the characters in images to help verify user identities and protect websites from automated bots.

This job is often seen as low-paying, but it’s still a great option for those who are looking for an easy way to make some extra cash.

8) SEO Outline Writer

SEO Outline Writing is a specialized job that requires an individual to craft a well-structured outline of the content they are writing to optimize it for search engine optimization.

By implementing specific keywords and phrases, SEO Outline Writers can increase the visibility and reach of their content by having it appear higher in search engine rankings.

This can be immensely beneficial for businesses that want their content to stand out amongst the competition.

9) Translation

Being able to communicate in multiple languages is an invaluable skill, and a translation job is one of the most rewarding ways to put that expertise to good use.

Translators are tasked with accurately converting written texts from one language into another while maintaining the original meaning and flow.

If you love languages it can be incredibly rewarding for those who take it on.

10) Image-To-Text Conversion

Image-to-Text Conversion is a job that converts images into text. This process can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating digital documents from scanned paper documents or extracting text from images posted online.

Image-to-Text Conversion is becoming increasingly popular, making it an excellent choice for those who want to get paid to type at home.

11) Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job is an increasingly popular career choice for many people. A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely.

This type of job offers flexibility, freedom, and the ability to work from home on your own schedule.

It also allows you to work with a variety of clients and industries, making it a great fit for anyone looking for a unique and rewarding career.

Some Virtual Assistant jobs that require to type are:

  • Data Entry

  • PDF to Word/Excel conversion

  • Copy Paste activities

  • Web Research & Data Collection

12) Surveys

Surveys offer an easy and convenient way to make money online.

Whether you are a student looking for extra income or a stay-at-home parent, surveys can provide you with the opportunity to earn money by answering questions about products and services.

Taking up survey jobs is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make money online, allowing you to work flexible hours from the comfort of your own home.

Now that we have learned the different kinds of typing jobs, let's explore the top companies where you can get paid to type at home:

Top 12 Websites Where You Can Get Paid To Type At Home

In this section, we'll take a look at the top 12 websites that pay you to type at home. We will discuss their requirements, what they offer in terms of payment, and how you can apply for these jobs.

So if you're interested in earning extra money by typing from your home, then read on!

1) MegaTypers:

MegaTypers is a data services company that offers the following typing jobs:

  • Image-to-Text Conversion

  • Transcription

MegaTypers gives you complete freedom to work from anywhere in the world and at flexible hours. You must be able to type at least 10 words per minute.

With just a computer and internet connection, you can earn between $0.45 and $1.5 for every 1000 words you type. That means you can earn around $100 to $250 a month!

Simply sign up at MegaTypers and get paid to type at your own schedule!

2) Babbletype

Babbletype offers transcription and translation jobs to deserving candidates all through the year. You need to pass a transcription/translation test before being offered a job.

Just go to the Babbletype Job Page and click on the Get Application button to review their guidelines and take the test!

3) SigTrack

If you are a resident of the United States (except California and Massachusetts), you can sign up with SigTrack as an independent contractor.

At SigTrack, you can take up data entry jobs at your convenience and schedule. This company pays you every Friday for the previous week.

Read how pay works at SigTrack for more details on their payment system.

4) WeLocalize

WeLocalize is a language services company that offers remote, freelance positions for a variety of language combinations.

If you are looking for remote translation/interpretation jobs, this is a great option to check out. This company also offers data entry jobs. Just make sure you look out for Data Validation or Ads Quality Rater in their jobs portal.

Simply go to the WeLocalize Jobs page and apply for the positions that best suit your skills and requirements.

5) FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an exclusive job portal for remote, hybrid, and flexible jobs. FlexJobs lists some of the popular jobs that pay you to type at home such as:

  • Administrative Specialist (Data Entry)

  • AP Data Entry Clerk

  • Bilingual Data Entry Specialist

  • Data Entry Pharmacy Technician

  • General Transcriptionist

  • Legal Transcriber/Transcriptionist

  • Medical Scribe

6) Fiverr:

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace where you can create your portfolio and get paid to type at home by providing the following services:

  • PDF to Excel conversion

  • Copy Paste activities

  • Web Research

  • Web Scraping/Data Collection

  • Admin activities

  • Translation

  • Transcription for audios, videos, interviews, podcasts, lectures, and webinars

  • Proofreading and editing work

7) Upwork:

Upwork is a well-known freelance platform where you can get paid to type at home through services such as:

  • Virtual Assistance

  • Email Moderation

  • Translation

  • Administrative Support

  • Online Chat support

  • Data Entry

  • Search Engine Optimization

All you need to do is just create your profile and start bidding for projects!

8) Clickworker

At Clickworker, you can easily get paid to type at home with just a computer and/or a mobile with a strong internet connection. You have complete control over when and how much you want to work.

You simply have to sign up at Clickworker and start taking up jobs like:

  • Creating or correcting texts

  • Participating in surveys

  • Searching or categorizing data

Download the Clickworker - Android, and Clickworker - iOS to start earning right away!

9) Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is an online captcha-solving company that helps you get paid to type captchas.

Running since 2007, the company features many success stories on its website to assure you that you are in the right place to make money online.

Simply register on their website and get paid to type at home easily!

10) 2Captcha

2Captcha offers easy data entry work from home where you get paid around $1 to solve 1000 captchas. This is a legit job that lets you get paid to type at home instantly.

Just go to the Work for 2Captcha page, sign up and start making money!

11) OneSpace

OneSpace is a product content optimization company where you can provide the following services as a freelancer and get paid to type at home:

  • Data Categorization

  • Data Classification

  • Transcription

  • Translation

  • Writing/Editing

  • Quality Assurance

  • SEO

  • Surveys

All you need to do is register at the OneSpace Freelancer Application page to get started!

12) CrowdSurfWork

CrowdSurfWork is a transcription and captioning services company that works with freelancers to make online media accessible to everyone.

No prior experience is required to provide transcription and video captioning at CrowdSurfWork.

You get paid around $0.03 to $0.20 per audio/video minute to type at home after taking up a small transcription assessment. What an easy way to just type what you hear and make money from home!

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FAQs On Getting Paid To Type At Home

#1. Can I earn money just by typing?

As technology advances, more and more opportunities are becoming available to make money just by typing.

Whether you are a skilled typist or a complete beginner, you can use your keyboard to earn an income.

From transcription jobs to data entry, there is no shortage of ways to make money just by typing.

By knowing the right resources, you can tap into this lucrative opportunity and start earning an income from the comfort of your own home.

#2. Can I type online and get paid?

The internet is full of opportunities for freelance writers and typists to make a decent living.

With a computer/mobile device and a reliable internet connection, you can easily find work typing online and get paid for it!

#3. Is typing job real? / Is freelance typing genuine?

Freelance typing is a real job that allows you to get paid to type at home.

By understanding what to look for when researching potential typing jobs and by taking up typing jobs from legit sites, you can avoid scams and ensure that you are getting paid for your work fairly.

#4. How can I make money by typing on my phone?

Technology has advanced so much that you can make money easily from your phone.

By taking up typing jobs such as text correction, surveys, and data classification, you can easily work from a mobile device and make money typing on your phone.

#5. How can a beginner make money online typing?

If you are looking to make money online by typing, you need to develop your typing techniques, accuracy, and speed.

You also need to have access to good computer hardware and software so that you can deliver your work on time.

Furthermore, having good communication skills will help you secure lucrative projects. With dedication and commitment, you can become a successful freelance typist in no time!

Get paid to type at home
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Final Thoughts On Getting Paid To Type At Home

Working from home is an attractive prospect for anyone looking to supplement their income or work extra hours. One of the best ways for people to earn money online is by taking on an online typing job.

While getting paid to type at home, you also have the flexibility of working from anywhere at any time and earning a decent income.

Since there are many different types of online typing jobs available, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for you.

Hope this article provided you with useful insights into the various types of online typing jobs and the best websites where you can get paid to type at home.


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