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8 Best Ways To Make Money Playing Games Online Today

Updated: Mar 24

do you love playing games online during your spare time?

Playing games is not just another fun pastime or hobby today. It is a lucrative opportunity to make money.

Yes, you can make money playing games online!

In this article, we will explore the various ways in which you can make money playing online games. Let's learn the avenues for monetization within this rapidly growing gaming industry.

Whether you are an avid gamer looking to take your skills to the next level or someone intrigued by the idea of making money through online gaming, this article will certainly help you.

Let's get started!

Make Money Playing Games Online
Make Money Playing Games Online

7 Best Ways To Make Money Playing Games Online:

Here is a comprehensive list of the 8 best ways to make money playing games:

Now let's discuss them in detail.

1) Gaming Apps

One of the easiest ways to make money playing games online is through gaming apps such as:

  • Swagbucks

  • Golden Hearts Games

  • Paid Game Player

  • Winzy

Let's learn about them:

a) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is mostly known for its paid surveys. However, it also pays you for playing video games.

On this platform, you can play easy video games and earn points. All you need to do is become a member and then start playing from their in-house library of video games.

Plus, you also earn rewards for installing and playing app-based games.

You can either redeem your points for gift cards at top retailers like Amazon and Walmart or earn your cash via PayPal.

Swagbucks - Play Video Games Online To Make Money
Swagbucks - Play Video Games Online To Make Money

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b) Golden Hearts Games

If you are someone who loves to contribute to good causes, Golden Hearts Games is an amazing option. While donating to charity, you also make money by playing games online on this platform!

Golden Hearts Games has interesting online games like:

  • Bingo

  • Slots

  • Blackjack

  • Scratch Games

  • Poker

And you win coins as your prize!

Note that you must be a US citizen and above 18 years of age to participate and play games on this platform.

c) Paid Game Player

Paid Game Player is another platform that lets you play games online and make money. This app has more than 600 games that you can play for free for up to an hour each.

This app helps you earn in various ways through their online games:

  • Each time you play their games, you get a chance to write a review. For each approved review, you earn 300 points. You can use this in their daily drawings and earn cash/prizes!

  • If your review is selected as one of the best reviews, you also get additional prizes.

  • Another way to make money on this gaming platform is by referring your friends. Each day you can refer a maximum of 5 friends. For each friend that signs up, you both receive 500 points. You can use this in their daily cash/prize drawings.

d) Winzy

Winzy is another fun platform where you can make money playing games online. On this India-based app, you can play a variety of online games such as:

  • Quizzes

  • Trivia

  • Flash Play

By taking part in games that interest you, you can win fabulous prizes and also earn points that you can redeem as coupons! Plus, you can earn cash, too!

Winzy - Make Money Playing Games Online
Winzy - Make Money Playing Games Online

2) Twitch Streaming

Game streaming is a lucrative avenue to not only showcase your gaming skills but also build a dedicated audience and earn money.

Twitch is one such platform that lets you make money by streaming games.

As a streamer on this platform, you can connect with a global community of gamers and share your gameplay experiences in real-time.

You can stream games from your PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation, or even your mobile phone to make money!

As you start your Twitch channel and stream games, you will gradually move through these levels:

  • Streamer

  • Affiliate

  • Partner

As a game streamer, you need to find your niche within the gaming community and develop a personal brand.

You also need to create unique gaming content that resonates with your viewers to make money out of it.

Learn the Twitch basics to understand how you can make money playing games on this platform.

You can monetize your Twitch channel through various means such as:

  • Subscriptions for your channel

  • Bits through which viewers cheer you up

  • Ads

  • Amazon Associates

  • Extensions with Bits

Isn't this a fantastic way to make money playing games online?

3) Gaming Tutor

Another interesting way to turn your passion for gaming into a sustainable income source is to become a gaming tutor.

Not only does it allow you to share your expertise and knowledge with others, but it also offers a chance to make money doing what you love - playing games online.

Here are some dedicated websites where you can become a gaming/eSports tutor:

Whether you want to tutor Fortnite, League of Legends, or Fifa, you can make $15/hour minimum as a qualified gaming tutor!

4) eSports Tournaments

eSports refers to competitive video gaming where professional gamers participate in tournaments to win prize pools.

It is one of the most interesting ways to make money playing games online!

When you participate in esports tournaments you not only get the thrill of competitive gaming but also earn substantial cash prizes and secure lucrative sponsorships.

Just start playing with your friends or alongside a community of gamers to win prizes!

You can try your hands at eSports tournaments on these popular websites:

Here are some well-known online games that you can play and make money online:

  • League of Legends

  • Fortnite

  • Dota 2

  • Rocket League

  • Valorant

  • FIFA

5) Esports Scholarship

Another unique way to make money playing games online is through esports scholarship.

An eSports scholarship is a financial reward given to super-talented gamers who exhibit exceptional skills in their chosen games.

Read this list of esports scholarships to get an idea of the various gaming scholarships you may apply for.

If you need more support, Esportian is an amazing agency that can guide you on esports scholarships in the USA and help you identify the best scholarship for you.

6) Games Tester

Game testing jobs is another perfect opportunity for you to make money playing games online. In this job, you get paid for playing games and testing them!

Game developers understand the importance of quality assurance and rely on testers like you to ensure their games are of high quality and ready for launch.

As a video game tester, you can earn money by playing and testing new games before they hit the market.

As a video game tester, you will:

  • Get exclusive access to cutting-edge titles

  • Report bugs and glitches

  • Suggest improvements to shape the final product

Some examples of companies that hire gamers are:

So why not turn your gaming skills into a rewarding career?

7) Writing Gaming Content through Blogging

Writing game reviews is an exciting way to play games online, learn and share your knowledge, and even make money through it.

There are numerous paid game review websites or blogs that are constantly on the lookout for talented writers who can provide insightful content on playing games online.

For example, you can apply for content writing jobs on games at leading job portals such as:

Flexjobs - Make Money As A Game Writer
Flexjobs - Make Money As A Game Writer

Whether you prefer to focus on console games, PC games, mobile games, or even niche genres, you can easily find writing jobs in gaming.

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8) Writing Gaming Content through Freelancing

Freelancing is another avenue worth exploring if you want more control over your schedule and the types of projects you take on.

Many businesses and publications seek freelance game review writers to contribute to their websites or magazines. This allows you to work independently while still earning income from your passion.

For example, at Upwork, you can easily earn around $30/hour as a gaming writer.

Go to Upwork and search for the term 'Gaming Writer' to understand the relevant opportunities and competition.

Upwork - Gaming Writer Jobs To Make Money
Upwork - Gaming Writer Jobs To Make Money

By writing gaming content, not only do you get the opportunity to play games and express your thoughts about the latest releases, but you also make money out of it!

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How to make money playing games online
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FAQs on How To Make Money Playing Games Online:

#1. Are cash games real?

Yes, cash games online are indeed real and present a viable means of earning income. However, you need dedication, hard work, and consistency in playing online games, just as in any other mode of making money.

#2. How can I make real money by playing games?

There are now many legitimate ways to make real money while playing your favorite online games, as described in this article.

Thanks to esports and online gaming communities, opportunities to monetize your gaming skills have never been better. You can also make real money by reviewing games online as a freelancer.

Also, you must invest time honing your skills and staying updated with the latest strategies to make real money playing games.

#3. Which game is best to earn money?

The best game for earning money online will vary depending on your interests and strengths.

Choose a game you enjoy playing while also considering factors such as your skills, available time commitment, and the level of competition within that particular game.

In general, games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, etc. have become popular choices to earn money.

How to make money playing games online
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Final Thoughts - How To Make Money Playing Games Online:

Turning your passion for gaming into a profitable venture is not only possible but also an exciting opportunity in today's digital age.

With the rise of streaming platforms and the booming e-sports industry, there are numerous avenues to make money playing games online.

By harnessing your passion for gaming and exploring the various avenues discussed in this article, you can turn your gaming skills into a profitable venture.

So, are you ready to make money playing games?

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