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Get Paid To Watch Netflix: 12 Best Earning Opportunities

Updated: 4 days ago

Do you love binge-watching Netflix, just like me? How about getting paid to watch Netflix? Sounds interesting, isn't it?

Watching Netflix is a profoundly enjoyable experience. Depending on your preference, you can pick and watch content from different kinds of shows, movies, documentaries, etc.

Plus, you can stream Netflix content on-demand from any device.

Today, Netflix need not just be your source of entertainment. You can get paid to watch Netflix, too!

Yes, there are various ways by which you can make money out of watching this platform.

In this post, let's discover how you can get paid to watch Netflix.

Get Paid To Watch Netflix
Get Paid To Watch Netflix

At a glance:

12 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Let's discuss in detail the best and legit ways to get paid to watch Netflix:

1) Netflix Tagger

The best way to get paid to watch Netflix is to become a Netflix Tagger (also known as a Content Insights Analyst).

Have you ever wondered how Netflix gives personalized recommendations based on your watch history?

Netflix taggers are the minds behind this.

They are responsible for meticulously analyzing and categorizing the vast array of movies, TV shows, and other content on the platform.

As a Netflix Tagger, your primary task would be to:

  • watch and carefully assess each piece of content

  • identifying and tagging attributes such as genre, mood, theme, etc.

Netflix's algorithms will use this information to provide personalized recommendations to its millions of subscribers for a tailored viewing experience.

If you possess a deep appreciation for storytelling and a strong understanding of different genres, you can become a Netflix Tagger and get paid to watch Netflix.

Try your hands at Netflix tagging jobs if you have some experience in content tagging or analysis.

2) MobileXpression

MobileXpression is a unique platform to get paid by just allowing the app to monitor your mobile device usage.

You just have to download the MobileXpression app and use your phone as you normally would - shop, browse, and even watch Netflix!

MobileXpression - Get paid to watch Netflix
MobileXpression - Get paid to watch Netflix

This app runs securely in the background of your mobile device and collects data about your browsing habits, app usage, and other general device information.

This data is used to improve the internet. It is completely safe and secure!

As a reward, you earn credits for your mobile usage. You can redeem your credits weekly for gift cards.

Simply download the app, allow it to run in the background, and get paid to watch Netflix! Isn't it cool?

3) Media Rewards

Media Rewards is an app that rewards you for watching TV, YouTube or just listening to the radio.

This is an effortless way to get paid to watch TV.

You just have to install the app in your device and it will run in the background. The app rewards you with points for your activities.

You can redeem your points for gift cards.

Download the Media Rewards iOS or Android app, create your profile, and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

There are also monthly paid draws that pay the winner via PayPal.

Not only that, you can also participate in surveys and get paid for your time!

Read the Media Rewards - Help Center to learn more about how to get paid for watching TV or YouTube using this app.

4) Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel app is another way to get paid to watch Netflix from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

To get paid to watch Netflix and other streaming services using this app, you just need to:

  • Sign up and provide information about you and your devices

  • Download the Nielsen app on your devices

  • Use your devices as you would normally, like watching Netflix

Through this app, you can:

  • earn up to $60 worth of reward points annually and redeem them via PayPal or gift cards from your favorite retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

  • participate in scratch-off or spin-the-wheel games to earn rewards and a monthly top prize of $500

  • take part in survey opportunities to earn more rewards

Read the Nielsen app - FAQs to learn more about their guidelines.

5) Closed Caption / Transcription

If you have a flair for languages, providing closed caption/transcription services for Netflix shows and movies is another way to get paid.

To get paid as a Netflix transcriber, you can sign up for various transcription companies and provide your services as a freelancer.

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6) Work as a Netflix Reviewer

If you have a passion for film/TV criticism, you can get paid to watch Netflix and write reviews.

Websites and blogs hire credible reviewers to share their takes on the latest Netflix releases.

So if you love to critically analyze films and TV shows, you can work as a Netflix reviewer.

You can watch Netflix and get paid to share your insights and opinions with a broad audience.

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7) Start a Netflix-focused Blog

Another exciting way to get paid to watch Netflix is to start a Netflix-focused blog or website.

You can easily build an engaging platform through insightful reviews, trending news on Netflix originals, etc.

And you can get paid by monetizing your website in various ways such as display advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

Gradually, your website will become established as a go-to destination for Netflix enthusiasts.

You can also post your content on the below-mentioned platforms to grow your audience:

Isn't blogging an interesting way to turn your Netflix-watching habit into a rewarding career?

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8) Write for Cultured Vultures

CulturedVultures is a leading online publication where you can write content related to films, television, books, etc.

This is another best way to get paid to watch Netflix in your spare time.

The website is actively seeking passionate writers who can bring fresh perspectives and engaging content to their audience.

Cultured Vultures - Get Paid To Watch Netflix
Cultured Vultures - Get Paid To Watch Netflix

So you can write about your favorite Netflix shows and get published on this site to make money.

You can get paid in two ways by writing for Cultured Vultures:

  • by sending your pitch specifying your flat rates and bonus rates

  • through commissions if your article is SEO-optimized. You get £15 per every 100 words.

By writing for this platform, you can easily turn your Netflix time into money.

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9) Write for Taste of Cinema

Taste of Cinema is a renowned online platform that celebrates the art of filmmaking and provides a space for film enthusiasts to share their perspectives and analyses.

You can write high-quality articles about your favorite Netflix movies and get paid on this website.

The more number of views your post gets, the more you get paid.

So, are you ready to get paid to watch Netflix?

10) Write for Screen Rant

ScreenRant is an online platform that covers a wide range of entertainment news, movie reviews, TV show analyses, and pop culture insights.

As a Netflix enthusiast, you can join ScreenRant as a journalist or an editor, and get paid for your work.

This way, you can turn your love of binge-watching Netflix into a lucrative career!

11) Start a Netflix-related YouTube Channel

Starting a Netflix-focused YouTube channel is another easy way to get paid to watch Netflix.

You can create Netflix-based content that will resonate with viewers, build a following, and monetize your channel.

By consistently posting your unique commentary or fan theories, you can get a passionate Netflix audience as your followers. You can also create a community to engage with like-minded fans.

And yes, you can monetize your channel through ads and sponsorships.

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12) Reward Platforms

Another simple way to get paid to watch Netflix is by answering survey questions on platforms such as:

These platforms reward you for your opinion and feedback. You can take part in surveys related to movies and shows, share your opinion, and earn cash or gift cards!

You can also get paid to do other tasks such as watching videos and participating in focus groups through these reward platforms.

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Get paid to watch Netflix
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Final Thoughts - Get Paid To Watch Netflix

As streaming platforms dominate the entertainment landscape, it is time to monetize your Netflix viewing habits.

Think about it - you are already spending hours immersed in the latest Netflix releases. Why not leverage that time and passion to generate income?

So stop feeling guilty about your binge-watching and start turning it into a passive income stream.

What are you waiting for? Get paid to watch Netflix!

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