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10 Best Writing Sites That Pay Daily - Get Paid Fast For Writing!

Updated: Mar 5

Writing is a passion for lots of people. However, many who want to pursue writing as a side hustle or as a part-time career option have little to no information about where to begin.

Content writing is an in-demand job that can provide you with a steady income and flexible working hours.

Whether you are a budding or an experienced writer who wants to hone your skills, develop your creativity, and explore new topics or just looking to earn money from home, writing sites that pay daily are a great option.

These websites offer a quick way to get paid for your work as a freelance writer. They pay on a per-article basis so you can just submit your articles and get paid as soon as they get published.

In this article, let's explore the writing sites that pay daily so that you can start making money with your skills right away!

Writing Sites That Pay Daily
Writing Sites That Pay Daily - Everyday Writing Jobs

10 Best Writing Sites That Pay Daily:

Here is a quick list of the 10 best writing sites that pay instantly:

Let's dig into them one by one now.

1) Writer Access

Writer Access is a website where you can quickly and easily access a variety of writing opportunities. This platform gives you complete flexibility - you can take up as much work as you can.

Plus, is one of the best writing sites that pay daily!

On this platform, you can choose from a wide range of project types such as:

  • Blog Post

  • Brochure

  • Catalog

  • e-Book

  • Email Copy

  • Mobile Content

  • Newsletter Content

  • Resume

When you sign up to be a writer at Writer Access, you get assigned a star level based on your experience.

With better performance and positive customer reviews over time, your star level improves over time and you get paid even better rates.

By becoming a writer at Writer Access, you also enjoy other perks such as:

  • Free training and certification

  • Free entry to their annual Content Marketing Conference

This website pays twice a month through PayPal. However, you can request instant pay at any time. Please note that you will be charged a $7 fee for instant payment.

Do read the Writer Access - FAQs to learn their guidelines. Also, read the Writer Access - Payment Rules to get an idea about their payment processes.

2) Longreads

Longreads is an online publication that focuses on long-form non-fiction storytelling. It accepts essays and column articles that are between 2000 and 6000 words.

If you are someone who can write interesting, engaging articles you can send in your submissions to Longreads and make up to $500 per essay!

This is not a writing site that pays daily exactly, but one that pays on a per-article basis. This means you get paid once your article gets approved and published.

Read the Longreads submission guidelines to learn about how you can pitch to and submit your articles.

3) Listverse

Listverse is an online platform that helps writers showcase their work and get paid for it. It focuses on interesting top 10 lists on a wide range of topics such as lifestyle, science, pop culture, arts, etc.

If you can come up with such engaging articles, why not write them and get paid?

See below some examples of articles in Listverse:

Writing sites that pay daily
Listverse - Sample Articles

The best thing about Listverse is that you need not be an expert in English to submit an article on this platform. If your English level is as good as a native speaker, you can send in your original submissions.

Listverse pays $100 per article upon publishing and the payment is through PayPal.

It is to be noted however that this publication accepts articles only from the US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Read the Listverse submission guidelines to learn about their policies and payment process.

4) Contently

Contently is a platform that connects freelance writers with businesses looking for copywriting services.

This website helps businesses find the right writer who can provide quality content for their content needs in a timely manner.

As a writer at Contently, you can find projects from top companies and receive competitive pay rates for your efforts.

By joining their freelance network, you can choose your writing projects, submit your articles, and get paid instantly!

You can also check out the Contently Gigs page to get an idea of the freelance projects they offer before creating your profile.

5) The Barefoot Writer

Barefootwriter is an online publication that helps budding and experienced writers with tips and valuable information on making a living as a freelance writer.

It teaches writers about the best writing careers and how to get well-paying writing jobs easily.

You can submit articles to the Barefoot Writer magazine on a variety of writing-related topics such as:

  • Motivation

  • Productivity

  • Writing Tools

  • Kickstarting your writing career

  • Becoming a better writer

  • Life experiences out of writing

Barefoot Writer pays around $100 to $300 for your published article. Isn't it super cool?

Make sure you read the Barefoot Writer - FAQs to learn how to submit your articles. Also, don't forget to check out the Barefoot Writer - Submission Guidelines page for more information about their guidelines.

Don't Miss:

6) Textbroker

Textbroker is another writing site in which writers can request a payout anytime during the week!

Textbroker is an online platform that connects writers with clients who need written content. As a writer on this site, you can access a number of content orders and choose to work on your own schedule.

At Textbroker, you can write:

  • Simple articles with little to no research

  • Articles that require a good amount of research

  • Write/translate content in foreign languages

With transparent payment options, Textbroker offers an easy and secure way to earn money instantly from your writing skills.

To become a writer at Textbroker, you need to be a citizen/permanent resident of the US. You can get started easily by just creating your profile and providing a sample article.

Here is a glance into how much you can earn at Textbroker:

Writing Sites That Pay Daily
Textbroker - Writing sites that pay daily

Textbroker processes payments twice a week. You can request your payout at any time during the week if your balance is $10 or more.

7) Verblio

Verblio is another content platform where you can get writing jobs ranging from 300 to 3000 words.

This is a writing site that pays every Monday via direct bank transfer for every approved article. And there is no minimum payout!

Even though this writing site doesn't pay daily, it is worth giving a try since it accepts writers of all levels.

Yes, whether you are a beginner writer or a seasoned one, Verblio is one of the best writing sites to scale up your writing career.

To become a writer at Verblio, you must be a US citizen. However, you are free to work from anywhere in the world with complete flexibility. Read the Verblio - FAQs page to learn their guidelines.

8) Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses looking for their services.

It is one of the best writing sites that pay for daily projects where you can offer a wide range of writing services.

Here is a quick reference image for you to know what kinds of writing projects you can take up at Fiverr:

Fiverr - Writing Sites That Pay Daily
Fiverr - Content Writing Projects

And here is how the Fiverr site pays you for writing daily - through projects that are delivered in 24 Hrs.

Select the option 'Express 24H' under 'Delivery Time' and voila! Here is an image for your reference:

Fiverr - Writing sites that pay daily
Fiverr - Daily Projects

By opting for projects that need to be delivered in 24 hrs, you can easily get paid for your writing work!

9) Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular online platforms for freelance writers today. There are various categories of writing projects that you can work on including:

  • Website Content

  • Creative Writing

  • Blog Posts

Here is a quick reference image on the writing projects that Upwork offers:

Writing sites that pay daily
Upwork - Content Writing Projects

And just like Fiverr, you can opt for daily projects and get paid for them! Under the 'Delivery Time' dropdown, select the 'Extra Fast 24-Hour Delivery' option and there you go!

Writing sites that pay daily
Upwork - Daily Projects

10) Problogger

Problogger is an online resource for bloggers of all levels, from beginner to experienced. It provides valuable advice on topics such as blogging tips and strategies, building a successful blog, SEO optimization, etc.

In addition to that, it also has a Jobs page that lists current job openings related to content writing.

If you are looking for writing jobs that pay on a per-article basis, make sure you select the 'Freelance' option to filter your results.

Writing Sites That Pay Daily
Problogger - Writing site that pays daily

More Sites That Pay To Write:

Looking for more sites where you can showcase your writing skills? Check out the Top 22 Websites That Pay You To Write!

Writing sites that pay daily
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Final Thoughts On Writing Sites That Pay Daily:

If you are looking for ways to make some extra cash or supplement your income, freelance jobs on writing sites that pay daily are the best option.

Daily-paying writing sites give you the perfect opportunity to pursue your passion and achieve success by handpicking projects you enjoy doing.

They offer flexibility, creativity, and the potential to make a good income from the comfort of your home. Plus, you can decide when and where to work and who to work with, with complete control over your professional destiny.

So, are you ready to kickstart your freelance writing journey and take your writing career to the next level?

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