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15 Fun and Creative Ways to Make Money With Handwriting

Updated: Feb 25

Handwriting is a unique form of communication that is both beautiful and personal. It is also a clever form of art. Nowadays, people hardly write with their hands. Nevertheless, do you know that you can make money with your handwriting even in this digital age?

Some may think that handwriting is a lost art form, but it is more important than ever in the online world. In this era of typing, having good handwriting skills can set you apart from others.

Hands are one of the most powerful tools you have. So, come let's discover how you can make use of your handwriting skills to earn extra cash!

How To Make Money With Handwriting
How To Make Money With Handwriting

15 Fun And Creative Ways To Make Money With Handwriting

If you have a talent for beautiful handwriting, here are some ideas where you can apply your skills and make money with it:

Note: The images provided in this section are for illustration and example only.

1) Handwritten Greeting Cards

Handwritten greeting cards are one of the best ways to express feelings or show appreciation. It is also one of the easiest side hustles with handwriting.

Handwritten Sorry cards, Get Well Soon cards, Thank You cards and Seasons Greetings are perfect ways to express emotions. Handwritten cards also make excellent gifts for Engagements, House Warming, Holidays, Wedding, and Anniversaries.

2) Handwritten Wallet Cards

Similar to greeting cards, wallet cards can also make your customers' day filled with happiness. This is another simple side hustle in which you receive your customers' messages, etch them onto wallet cards, and sell the cards to your customers.

3) Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts have become a popular trend in branding and design. A lot of people are making money with handwritten fonts by selling them on online marketplaces like Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, and Etsy.

These fonts have also become more and more prevalent on social media platforms like Instagram, where they can be incorporated into logo designs for brands.

It is a fun side hustle that doesn't require any previous experience or previous knowledge of graphic design to get started.

4) Handwritten Frames

There is a new trend in the world of selling art, and it is all about handwritten frames.

Handwritten frames are perfect, affordable gifts that can be given to friends and family that they will cherish for years. They make stunning additions to any wall because they are unique to your personal style.

They are also easy to make and can be sold online for a profit.

5) Handwritten Letters

Do you remember when you wrote a handwritten letter the last time? Handwritten letters are becoming a thing of the past, with everyone opting to send emails.

However, no one can deny that there is a special joy about receiving a letter in the mail. It has more depth than an email and can convey emotions in ways that cannot be achieved on a screen.

Selling handwritten letters as a side hustle can be started in no time. You can find customers online, write the messages they wish to convey, and send them via post.

6) Handwritten Necklace

Handwritten necklaces are a rising trend and a great way to make some extra money on the side.

They are a fantastic way to show off personal style. They are also trendy and can suit any occasion.

They can be made with many different styles of handwriting, making it easy for you to make the perfect piece of jewelry that matches your customers' tastes. Isn't it a quick and easy side hustle?

7) Handwritten Letter From Father Christmas / Santa

To create magic during the Christmas season, selling handwritten letters from Santa is a cool idea. It will bring cheers and laughter during festive times and also help you earn money!

8) Handwritten Gift Tags

Not just gifts, but cute gift tags can also make loved ones feel special. Handwritten gift tags are a fantastic way to add a personalized touch to gifts.

If you have great handwriting, unique handwritten gift tags can be easily made and sold on online platforms to make money.

These handwritten little goodies are sure to bring smiles to your customers' faces.

9) Personalized Signatures

Lots of people are looking for unique signatures to use personally or for business purposes.

If you can create appealing designs, making and selling original signatures will give you creative satisfaction and also money.

This is not only a creative side hustle to make money but also a nice way to express yourself through art.

10) Handwritten Bracelet

Handmade jewelry has a personal touch that cannot be replicated easily. It is also a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time.

You can create any type of jewelry as per your customers' tastes and needs.

And you can customize them with the customers' initials, favorite colors, or even the time and date of an event they will never forget.

With handmade jewelry, you will have endless opportunities to make something perfect for your customers.

11) Handwritten Stationery

Handwritten stationery is another easy way to make money with your handwriting skills.

Many stationery enthusiasts will appreciate and readily purchase your products. You can make something as simple as an envelope and personalize it with handwritten names and monograms.

Handwriting is an art that is considered to fade away, but with the boom in stationery and paper goods, there's never been a better opportunity to make money with handwritten stationery. So, grab the opportunity!

12) Handwritten Notes/Messages

Handwritten notes or messages can be an excellent addition to the greeting cards you sell. This will make the cards look personalized and original.

All you need to do is just get the messages from your customers, write them down, and attach them to the cards.

13) Teach Handwriting & Calligraphy

Many teachers and parents are looking to find ways to teach kids how to write legibly. You can associate with these schools and parents to provide handwriting and calligraphy instructions and make money.

You can also make a side income teaching adults how to form beautiful and stylish letters with a pencil or pen.

Creating your online calligraphy courses and selling them is another profitable way to make money.

14) Write And Sell Books On Handwriting & Calligraphy

Books are a perfect way to share your expertise and also earn money.

If you have always been an expert in writing and loved the elegance of handwriting and calligraphy, then you might want to consider writing a book on it.

You also start a blog to share your knowledge with the online world.

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15) Work As A Scribe For Manuscripts And Documents

Scribes are professionals who work to create written versions of speeches, lectures, discussions, and more. They transcribe or take physical notes on what is being said and then turn them into readable documents for the client.

If you like this type of work, you can work as a scribe for various clients and generate passive income.

FAQs On Making Money With Handwriting

#1. Can I earn money with handwriting?

Like any side hustle, it requires a lot of time and effort to generate income from handwriting. To sustain, you need to combine your handwriting with other skills.

For example, if you can make stationery items, creating beautiful envelopes with your handwriting embedded in them can bring you money quickly.

#2. What job can I get if I have good handwriting?

There are still jobs that require handwriting skills. Becoming a calligrapher is the most known option.

You can also work as a scribe if you have good handwriting. For example, you can apply for scribe jobs at The Scribe Tribe (also known as Inkpact) to transcribe letters for their clients.

#3. How can I make money writing letters?

Letters are a simple side hustle to make some extra cash. You can easily set up your online shop on platforms such as Etsy and send personalized letters on behalf of your customers.

#4. How do I start a handwriting business?

A good way to come up with ideas for your handwriting business is to look at others that are successful.

For example, if you want to open an Etsy shop to sell handwritten fonts, you can check out similar shops that have been successful and position yourself differently by creating unique products.

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#5. How much do calligraphers get paid?

Calligraphers are skilled artists who specialize in penmanship, fonts, text layout, and design. Their work varies from traditional calligraphy to modern lettering styles.

The pay for this type of work varies by location and the style the artist is proficient with. According to Crooked Calligraphy, calligraphers can earn up to $200 per hour.

How To Make Money With Handwriting
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Final Thoughts On Making Money With Handwriting

In this digital age, many have forgotten about handwriting or consider it to be an obsolete skill.

However, handwriting is back today and more creative than ever. Even though it is still underrated, it can be a money-making hobby or a good side hustle if you are creative enough!

The market for hand writers is growing, and there are several ways to earn money with this craft, as described in this article.

Remember that the only limit to making money with your handwriting is your imagination.

Hope this article inspired you and provided insights on how to make money with your penmanship.

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