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5 Amazing Tips To Overcome Imposter Syndrome In Your Small Business!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Tips for Self Motivation in Small Business

Running a business, being a Solopreneur or pursuing a side hustle is no child’s play! There will certainly be days when you don’t feel like yourself, discouraged and uninspired. And at times, you are stuck by Imposter Syndrome or even worse - analysis paralysis that you don’t feel like even moving a stone! Self-doubt engulfs your thoughts while you are intimidated by successful people in your own field.

If this is you, then this article is for you!

Here are some tips to make you stay motivated while you chase your dreams:

1. Everyone Was Once A Beginner:

It sure is intimidating at times to even see the success of who you think you got inspired from in the first place. In these self doubting moments, remind yourself that everyone was once a beginner. It would have taken them years of struggle and effort to be in a place they are currently in.

To compare yourself when you are at your first step to someone's business goals who has been there for years is to be unfair to yourself!

Rome was not built in a day and so are successful businesses. Now that you have started your business, you are already on your road to success. Join a business community, learn from entrepreneurs and small business owners, get inspired but don't get distracted by their success!

2. You Deserve Kindness -- From Yourself!

No doubt, we are our worst critics. As business people, we are known for helping others, putting ourselves in others’ shoes and being kind. It is in our trait to maintain positive relationships with even our competitors. But not to ourselves!

The perfectionists that we are, it doesn’t take a moment for us to criticize ourselves.

Take a breathe! Whenever you feel like being imperfect, take a breathe and then a quick break. Remember to be kind yourself!

3. You Are Good Enough:

Spend time to think over your past, your previous accomplishments and the odds you faced to reach your goals so far. Who else could have done that but you? What other motivation do you think is required to boost you up other than your own past?

So, give a quick pat on your back for all your achievements, for stepping out of your comfort zone and just get ready for the next success!

4. Practice Gratitude Journaling:

Journaling is an excellent way to destress, be mindful and obtain everyday motivation. What are you grateful for today? What’s that one privilege you have over others in escaping 9 to 5 and becoming your own boss?

Pen down your thoughts. Read them aloud whenever you are down and see yourself super charged!

5. Visualization:

Believe in the power of manifestation. Visualize yourself being successful in your venture and make it a routine. We are after all what we believe! Everyday visualization pushes you into action and set of small actions culminates into great efforts.

Always keep in mind that small drops make an ocean! Success is yours if you set realistic goals and take small consistent steps on a day-to-day basis.

Just follow the above points, be confident about your goal settings, stay on track and be assured to come out with flying colors!

How have these tips helped you? Do share in the comments section! Also if you find the article helpful, kindly support the blog by sharing it using the social media icons below!

Wish you the best!



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