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Make Money Writing Online: Top 22 Websites That Pay You To Write

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Websites that pay you to write - make money writing online
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Websites that pay for writing are appealing more than ever today as they allow you to earn money online while working from home.

Writing is a creative job and requires creativity and the ability to capture thoughts in a compelling way. If you have these qualities, then writing is the best career/side hustle option for you.

Years back, when I started writing as a freelancer, I was unsure of the market rates. I also had no knowledge on how much I could demand for my writing.

Because of that, I underrated my own potential and took up online writing jobs that paid way less than the then-market standards.

That's why it is important to learn and understand how much different websites pay you to write online. Today, I am excited to write this article as I can relay my experience to you and help you make informed decisions.

Let's get some of the common questions answered that every aspiring writer has, before diving into the websites that pay you to write.

How can I earn money by writing online?

There are many ways to make money writing online. You can make money through freelance writing or by selling your writing services. You can write for blogs, online magazines and niche websites. Publishing your own ebooks or courses are also excellent ways to write and earn.

Steps to earn money by writing online:

  • To be a successful freelance writer, you need to have a good understanding of the language, excellent grammar skills and a lot of patience.

  • Whether you are writing full-time or part-time, making money online requires a commitment of time, energy and resources.

  • Before starting to pitch for a writing task, create your portfolio and keep your samples ready. Do some research as to what niche you want to focus on and find out relevant websites that pay for writing. Read their submission guidelines carefully.

  • Before you start to apply, create a profile with each site and upload samples of your work if asked for. With a strong portfolio and impressive samples, you are sure to get writing jobs that pay well.

How can I earn by just writing?

There are multiple ways to earn money just as a writer.

  • You can write blogs, articles, reports or even books. You can also get paid to write for other people. Ghost writing, for example.

  • One way is by writing content for websites and blogs. Blogs are usually updated daily with new content and articles are published weekly/monthly to keep the websites fresh. You can join a blog as a contributor and be paid per post/article that you publish on the blog.

  • Another way is by writing reviews of products and services online. Companies will pay writers to review their products in order to promote them and increase sales. These sites could be your next writing home.

  • You can also make money by writing newsletters, brochure content and user manuals for companies to market their products.

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Where to Find Paid Writing Opportunities Online?

Freelance writing is a great way to make money on the side and there are many websites that offer these opportunities. The most popular websites to find freelance writing jobs are Upwork, Freelancer, and Problogger.

These sites have a wide range of jobs available for writers of all levels of experience.

However, these are not the only ones that help you find writing jobs. There are many other websites that pay you to write, which we will discuss in the following section.

Top 22 Websites that Pay You to Write Exclusive Content

Here are 22 websites that pay you to write exclusive content:

1) Textbroker

Textbroker pays 1.1 cents/word to 5.5 cents/word, depending on the order type and the quality of writing. Read the Texbroker payment conditions for more information.

2) Content Authority

Content Authority pays based on the client, article type and level of quality. For more information on payment, read the Content Authority Pay Rates page.

3) WriterAccess

WriterAccess offers competitive rates for writers who are looking to build their portfolio with high quality articles and blog posts.

4) JournalismJobs

JournalismJobs offers rates on par with the industry for freelancers. Visit their website to check out the latest part-time and freelance opportunities.

5) Listverse

Listverse pays writers between $100 for a list with 10 items per list minimum. Visit Listverse Write-Get-Paid page for more details.

6) Contently

Contently pays writers depending on the project. You can also have a look at the rates database page to get information on how much different clients pay for a set of words.

7) Crowdsource

Crowdsource (currently OneSpace) is another website where individuals can make money from writing content, in exchange for payments.

Pay rates are based on the project and payment is on a daily basis.

8) Longreads

Longreads is the best place for longform nonfiction online.

Rates start at $500 for essays and columns. For features and investigation content, rate starts at $1/word. Longreads pays $350 for reading lists.

Read the Longreads Submission page for latest information.

9) Copyhackers

Copyhackers pays $300 to $1000 per completed guest post. It accepts only 1 out of 30 pitches, so it is a tough competition in there.

10) GreatEscapePublishing

GreatEscapePublishing pays $150 for interviews and personal stories. Read the GreatEscapePublishing Guidelines page for more details.

11) SmashingMagazine

If you are a web designer or a developer, you can contribute your tutorials, opinion, guides and case studies to this magazine.

Read the SmashingMagazine write-for-us page for more information. Payment will be made upon publication of your article.

12) FundsForWriters

FundsForWriters believes in paying for the job and not for the hour. It pays $75 for original articles and $25 for reprints.

Read the FundsForWriters Submission Guidelines for more information on submission.

13) iWriter

iWriter is currently not accepting new submissions. However, it is worth keeping an eye on their website as they pay minimum $40 for a 500 word article for their elite plus writers.

14) Expertscolumn

ExpertsColumn is a unique website that accepts articles, columns and poetry. Any topic is considered by this website as long as it is SEO friendly and original.

Expertscolumn pays based on the number of views of your article. This is similar to earning from your own website traffic, except that you do not need AdSense account.

Payment cycle is twice a month and minimum payout is just $5. Read the FAQs for additional information.

15) ConstantContent

At ConstantContent, once your submitted articles get approved, they are put up for sale. When your articles get sold, you get paid for it. Payment is biweekly.

16) Linode

Linode is a technical platform that accepts submissions on DevOps Tools, Server Infrastructure, Storage, Programming Languages, Linux, Kubernetes and Databases.

If you are an expert in these technologies, visit the Write For Linode page for details. Become a freelancer with Linode and get paid!

17) WritingCreek

WritingCreek is an online freelancing platform that pays $4/page for beginners and $10 to $14 for experts. Payments are made bi-weekly.

Read the WritingCreek FAQs for more information.


ISRGKB is an online platform to which you can submit articles on a variety of topics and earn money.

Visit the isrgkb article writing page to learn about their payment system.

19) SitePoint

If you are an expert in technologies such as JavaScript, Python, Rust, WebAssembly, React, Figma, and Tailwind CSS, you can contribute to SitePoint and earn money for your articles.

Visit the Write For SitePoint page to understand how to pitch your submission.

20) UXBooth

Those with UX experience can write two posts a month between 1500 and 3000 words and earn monthly stipend in UXBooth. This is a remote, part-time position that offers you complete flexibility.

For more details, visit the UX Writer Needed page.

21) Knitty

If you are passionate about knitting and writing, Knitty is the place to be! It pays between $175 and $200 for each published submission.

Read the Knitty submission guidelines for detailed information.

22) Informed Comment

Informed Comment is a foreign policy based publication that pays $100 for articles ranging between 800-1000 words.

For more details on freelance submissions to them, visit the InformedComment submissions page.

Conclusion: Your Opportunity Awaits with the Websites That Pay You to Write!

With the rise of content marketing, it is not surprising that there are many websites that pay you for writing. All you need to do is find the legit websites, sign up, write articles and get paid online.

Writing is a skill that can be mastered only with practice and patience. At the same time, it is important for every writer to pitch the right job that values their time and effort.

Hope this article helped you clear some of the questions on writing online, with valuable information on the websites that pay you to write.


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