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8 Side Hustle Ideas for Henna/Mehndi Lovers

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Side Hustle Ideas for Henna or Mehndi

Henna or Mehandi, as it is popularly called, marks the beginning of an auspicious occasion. Be it New Year, festivals like Diwali or happy events such as wedding or baby shower, the festive mood gets amplified with Mehandi. If you are someone who loves Indian culture, you would undoubtedly love Mehndi. All it takes is just a simple mehndi cone to create those intricate designs in hands and feet. Mehndi also acts as a wonderful body coolant, thus standing out from the artificial tattoos available in market.

While learning mehndi is not a too difficult process, it can also be a great side hustle. Wondering what side businesses can be carried out with Mehndi? Read along..

1. Mehndi Artist:

Partner with your nearest beauty salons to obtain freelance Mehndi projects. You can also distribute your business cards to friends and family just to get the word spreading. Most famous Mehndi artists have begun their career as a freelancer. Therefore, take the first step and let your art flourish in your clients’ joyous occasions.

2. Sell Mehndi Cones for practice and occasions:

Making Mehndi cones is not a tedious process, however many Mehndi artists prefer buying pre-made organic cones in order to save time. Supplying stainless Mehndi cones for practice and organic cones for darker stains are certainly some of the side hustles every Mehndi lover should consider.

3. Sell Mehndi Powder:

If you can procure triple filtered henna powder, then selling it with beautiful packaging is definitely a mantra for success.

4. Sell Acrylic Hand and and Feet models for practice:

Curating and selling acrylic hand and feet models for practicing Mehndi is one of the unique business ideas related to henna.

You can consider the following as example:

5. Sell Eucalyptus oil and other essential oils:

Procuring and selling Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Coconut Oil, Mehndi Setting Spray etc is another profitable idea for Mehndi artists.

6. Sell Empty Cones:

Supplying empty cones to Mehndi artists is a simple side hustle idea one cannot ignore. All it requires is a cellophane sheet and you are all set!

7. Sell Mehndi Designs:

Drawing Mehndi is time consuming and is a one-to-one process. Nevertheless, your art can reach thousands at a time if you sell your unique Mehndi designs. So create just once and reach many by digital publishing your art!

8. Run a YouTube channel:

Many henna artists are looking for inspiration and for latest designs to impress their customers. Running a YouTube channel to cater to these people will not only bring a sense of satisfaction but also extra money!

Thouseens Henna and Aaru Mehndi are successful YouTubers one can look up to for this side hustle idea.

So Go-getters, if you are passionate about Mehndi and are willing to put some effort in starting a related side hustle, try out the above recommendations and do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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