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How To Make Money Selling Canva Templates - An Easy Guide For Success

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

In recent years, Canva has become an incredibly popular graphic design tool - it enables individuals as well as businesses to create stunning visuals without the need for extensive design skills.

And today, selling Canva templates is an exciting way to generate passive income. Even if you don't have any experience in graphic design, you can easily make money selling Canva templates.

Canva templates are nothing but pre-designed layouts that can be customized and used for personal or business purposes. By making use of these templates, anyone can create attractive graphics as per their desire in no time.

In this article, let's discover how to make money selling Canva templates and build the life of your dreams!

Make Money Selling Canva Templates
How To Make Money Selling Canva Templates

At A Glance:

Why Sell Canva Templates To Make Money?

Think of Canva templates as ready-made designs.

Many individuals and business owners regularly seek professionally designed graphics for their social media posts, presentations, marketing materials, etc.

Even though creating Canva designs is easy, people want to save time and effort in making them. This is where Canva templates come into the picture.

You can tap into this opportunity by creating templates in Canva and selling them on platforms such as Etsy to make money.

By purchasing your templates, your customers can start with a pre-designed professional layout and simply add their content and branding elements.

Makes their life easy while bringing you money!

Types of Canva Templates To Sell and Make Money:

The beauty of using Canva is that it provides endless opportunities to create unique templates for whatever industry you want to create for.

Whether it is fashion, food, travel, or business-related templates – the options to sell Canva templates and make money are limitless.

For example, you can sell different types of Canva templates such as:

  • Social Media Templates for Instagram and Facebook

  • Flyer Templates for business events, party invitations, and promotional campaigns

  • Presentations for businesses

  • Resume templates for job applications

  • Posters

  • Brochures

  • Business Cards

- the list goes on!

Why should you sell Canva templates and make money?

Here are the main reasons you should sell Canva templates to make money:

  • Canva has an intuitive interface. Hence, anyone can make money selling Canva templates. No experience is required!

  • Canva is versatile - it allows you to create templates for various niches and industries

  • Selling Canva templates is a scalable business - you can expand your offerings by creating bundles or themed collections of templates

  • Once you have invested time in creating a collection of templates, they can be sold repeatedly without requiring additional effort on your part.

How to make money selling Canva templates?

You can make money selling Canva templates by following these quick steps:

1) Create your Canva account:

This is an easy step! Just go to the Canva website and press the 'Sign Up' button to create your Free Canva account using your Google or Facebook account.

You can also Sign Up for the Pro version to get access to its upgraded features including premium templates, photos, background removal, etc.

Canva Sign Up Page
Canva Sign Up Page

2) Understand the Market Demand for Canva Templates:

Before starting to create your designs, you need to understand the market demand for your products so that you can make money selling Canva templates.

Making Canva templates to sell on platforms such as Etsy without proper research is like walking on the road blindfolded. It might lead you nowhere!

Different industries and niches have unique design requirements, and catering to these specific needs can be highly lucrative.

It is important to create templates that resonate with your target audience.

For example, minimalistic designs are often preferred by professionals in corporate settings, while vibrant and colorful designs may appeal more to creative industries.

Here are some excellent ways to do your market research:


One easy and free way to do your market research is to simply go to Etsy and search for the term 'templates for'. You will see a list of the most commonly searched templates.

Canva Templates on Etsy - Market Research
Canva Templates on Etsy - Market Research

Or you can search for terms like 'Canva templates for' to get a variety of template ideas:

Selling Canva Templates on Etsy To Make Money
Canva Templates on Etsy

You can then select the one that falls under your niche and dig into it deeper.

For example, let's assume you want to sell Canva templates for birthday invitations.

Search on Etsy for 'templates for birthday invitations' and analyze the results. Look into the displayed results.

Make money selling Canva templates on Etsy
Make money selling Canva templates on Etsy

Find out any gaps in the market and identify what unique value addition you can provide with your Canva templates.

It doesn't have to be complex. Think about what you can bring new to the table. It could be in the form of:

  • themes

  • layout and fonts

  • unique designs

  • a different kind of audience

Pinterest Trends:

Another way to find out what Canva Templates sell best is by utilizing Pinterest Trends.

Just go to the Trends page on your Pinterest account and search for the desired keywords such as:

  • Canva Templates

  • Templates

Observe the growing trends for various templates to get an idea of what Canva template you should sell and make money:

Pinterest Trends - Selling Canva Templates to Make Money
Pinterest Trends - Selling Canva Templates to Make Money

Product Research Tools:

Searching for product ideas on Etsy can be a time-consuming and tiring process. Product research tools are a savior that helps you:

  • speed up your keyword research

  • identify the search volume for the Canva template you want to sell

  • identify the competition for your Canva template

  • learn the trends for your product

Here are some popular tools that guide you to take well-informed decisions and make money selling Canva templates:

3) Create Canva templates To Sell

Next comes the fun part - creating Canva templates to sell and make money! Just unleash your creativity and start designing.

Here are the quick steps to follow:

Enter your Custom Size

Login to your Canva account, click on 'Create a design', and then select 'Custom Size'.

Designing Canva Template - Custom Size
Designing Canva Template - Custom Size

Start Designing

Next, add custom text and elements of your choice and bring your design to life.

To make money selling Canva templates, you can use a wide variety of elements that Canva offers such as:

  • Shapes

  • Graphics

  • Photos

  • Tables

  • Frames

  • Grids

Using Pre-designed Templates:

You can also make use of pre-existing templates to create your unique designs.

Canva offers a wide range of pre-designed templates that you can customize to suit your brand or product.

For example, if you want to design Canva templates for Thank You Cards, you can search for them under Design -> Templates and start from there.

Remember, you are not allowed to sell the predesigned template without any edits.

Making Canva Templates To Sell
Making Canva Templates To Sell

Adhere To Canva Terms & Conditions

As you are designing your Canva template, you must also understand that you might have to use third-party content such as stock images from Pixabay and Pexels.

Make sure you read and understand the Canva Content License Agreement thoroughly so that you adhere to its rules and copyright policies.

It is also important that you know what is allowed to sell on Canva and what is not!

When you sell Canva templates to make money, you will be sharing your template link with your customers, which in turn will bring them back to Canva for editing before usage.

In this case, you are allowed to use both their Free and Pro elements!

Selling Canva Templates To Make Money
Selling Canva Templates To Make Money (Source: Canva)

So, if you are wondering if it is legal to sell Canva templates and make money out of it, be assured you are doing the right thing!

4) Package Your Canva Templates

Once you are happy with your Canva Template design, it is time to package them, sell them online, and make money!

All you need to do is just share the link to your Canva Template with your customer and you are done!

Creating a Canva Template Link
Creating a Canva Template Link

If you are selling your Canva templates on Etsy, you won't be able to add the link as a product.

In that case, you might have to copy your link to a Word document and then save it as a PDF. This PDF file is what you will be selling to your customer.

5) Create Mockups For Canva Templates

Product mockups are an essential tool if you want to make money selling Canva Templates. These mockup images help you showcase your products in a visually appealing and professional manner.

They allow your customers to get an idea of how your products look in a realistic setting and help them understand how to use them.

Product mockup images also help you stand out from the competition and attract more buyers.

Canva also helps you create your mockup images.

On the search bar, search for 'Mockup templates' to get a variety of options. You can also filter based on your desired Category.

You can then choose the ones that best suit your product, edit them, and download them. Your product mockups are ready in minutes!

Mockup Templates - Canva
Mockup Templates - Canva

6) Write SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

It is important to write SEO-friendly product descriptions to get better visibility on search engines and attract more customers.

By optimizing your product descriptions, you not only captivate your audience but also drive more sales to your Canva Templates.

7) Know your pricing

Determining the right price point for your Canva template products is crucial to maximizing your profits and staying competitive in the market.

Here are some quick tips to get started:

Competitors' Price:

The best approach to knowing how to price your products is competitive pricing. This is quite easy because you just analyze the prices of similar products offered by your competitors and set your prices accordingly.

This ensures that your prices are in line with market expectations and helps you stay competitive.

Unique Features:

You can also provide some unique features or benefits on your Canva templates. This way, you can price them higher than your competitors who offer similar products without those added values.

Complementary Products along with Canva Templates:

Bundling is another powerful technique to consider when determining the right price point for your Canva templates.

By offering complementary products alongside your templates at a slightly higher price, you can increase both the average order value and customer satisfaction.

8) Market your products

As you have learned so far, making Canva templates is not a difficult job.

However, to truly succeed and make money selling Canva templates, you need to effectively promote and market your templates to reach a wider audience.

For example, you can take advantage of these techniques to market your Canva templates:

Social Media:

Everyone is on social media! So, utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your Canva templates in action.

You can attract more customers by:

  • creating visually appealing posts to highlight the value of your Canva templates

  • sharing tips, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes content to demonstrate the benefits of your Canva templates

Email List:

Another critical aspect of promoting your Canva templates is building an email list of interested customers.

You can do this easily by offering exclusive discounts or freebies in exchange for email sign-ups on your website or social media profiles.

This way, you can establish direct communication with your buyers, keeping them informed about your new Canva template releases or special promotions.

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Where To Sell Canva Templates To Make Money?

One of the best platforms for selling Canva Templates is Etsy. By selling on this platform, you have no hassle of setting up and maintaining your website.

Etsy connects you with millions of buyers and provides the perfect marketplace to reach a broad audience and monetize your Canva Templates.

All you need to do is just follow the below steps to make money selling your Canva Templates:

Set Up Your Etsy Shop:

This is as easy as eating a cake! Just sign up with your email or with Google/Facebook accounts. And your account is created!

Now, click on the 'Shop Manager' icon to open your shop!

Open Etsy shop to sell Canva Templates
Open Etsy shop to sell Canva Templates

Add Mockup Photos For Canva Templates:

After providing your shop name and preferences, it is time to create the listings for your Canva templates.

Etsy Listing to sell Canva Templates
Etsy Listing to sell Canva Templates

Provide Listing Details For Canva Templates:

Now you need to provide the listing information for your Canva templates.

Provide the required title, and select the appropriate 'Category'for your Canva Templates as shown in the below reference image:

Listing Details To Sell Canva Templates
Listing Details To Sell Canva Templates

Upload the PDF file with the Canva Template link:

Set your product 'Type' as Digital and provide a detailed description for your product.

Think about what keywords your customers will use when looking for your products and incorporate those in your description.

Etsy allows up to 13 Tags, so make the best use of them so that your customers can discover you!

After providing your Pricing information, upload your digital file and you are all set!

Isn't making money selling Canva templates so easy?!

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How To Make Money Selling Canva Templates
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Final Thoughts - Make Money Selling Canva Templates:

Selling Canva templates is a profitable endeavor that allows you to monetize your creative skills while providing value to businesses and individuals in need of visually captivating graphics.

This can be pursued as a side hustle or even as your full-time venture to generate a steady income stream.

While you make money selling Canva Templates, you also get flexibility and growth opportunities along the way!

So why wait? Start designing those eye-catching Canva templates today!

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