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15 Best Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs To Make Money in 2024

Updated: Feb 6

Non-phone work from home jobs
Best Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

This article is all about the non-phone work-from-home jobs that you can try out and make money online.

Work-from-home lovers like us enjoy doing most kinds of online jobs that match our skill sets. However, there are certain aspects of online jobs that not everyone may enjoy.

A phone-based job, for example.

Phone-based jobs might not suit you if you work from home with kids around or elderly people watching television. Or maybe simply because you are an introvert and prefer to direct your energy to the task rather than talk.

Also, spending time on the phone all day can distract us from the task at hand rather than speeding things up.

If you are like me and don't like being on the phone as part of your job, here are some non-phone work-from-home jobs that you should try your hand at.

15 Best Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs To Make Money in 2024

Here are 15 non phone jobs that you can do from home:

1. Data Entry

Typing and data entry jobs play an essential role in many industries. Data entry professionals ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date while typing it into a system quickly and accurately.

As a data entry specialist, you will be entering data into a computer system, usually in the form of text.

The data can come from various sources such as:

  • Paper documents

  • Computer files

  • Audio recordings etc.

This is a non-phone work-from-home job that requires only data to be typed and some online communication, if required.

How much can you make:

According to Zippia, data entry specialists earn around $15 per hour. Visit the Zippia - Data Entry page to learn more about how much you can make as a data entry specialist.

Where can you find Data Entry jobs:

You can find data entry jobs in freelance marketplaces such as:

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2. Transcription

A transcription job is a type of work that involves converting audio or video recordings into written documents. This is a non-phone job that requires no prior experience and can be done from home.

Although this job doesn't require any talking, it is essential to have excellent listening skills to get your work done.

With the help of transcription technology, you can do these jobs faster and more accurately, and deliver high-quality work promptly.

How much can you make:

According to the Zippia - Transcription Jobs page, you can make an average of $21 as a transcriptionist. No doubt that with more skills and experience, you can charge better rates.

Where can you find transcription jobs:

Read the 21 Best Online Transcription Sites For Beginners to learn where you can find online transcription jobs.

3. Chat Moderator

A chat moderator job is a role that requires you to actively monitor online conversations and ensure that the conversation remains on topic and respectful.

As a chat moderator, you will be responsible for upholding the standards of the organization, which may include specific rules or guidelines around language, tone, and content.

This is one of the best non-phone work-from-home jobs you can do today.

It requires excellent moderation skills, as well as the ability to recognize inappropriate comments or behavior and take appropriate action.

How much can you make:

You can expect to make around $15 per hour as a chat moderator.

Where can you find Chat Moderator jobs:

You can find Chat Moderator jobs at:

4. Blogging

A blogging job is a great way to make money from home without spending time on the phone. It involves creating content that can be published online, such as blog posts, product reviews, etc.

Blogging is a non-phone work-from-home job for which you need to have a good understanding of the target audience and the ability to produce engaging content.

You can do blogging on your own website as well as write for others.

A successful blogger can usually command higher pay than other types of freelance writing jobs due to the specialized skills required for blogging.

How much you can make:

How much you can make as a blogger depends on the length of your article, your blogging niche, and your experience.

As per this Upwork article on blogging, you can make around $85/hour as an expert blogger.

Where To Find Blogging Jobs:

Some websites where you can find freelance blogging jobs are:

Also, don't forget to read this very helpful article from Indeed on how and where to find freelance blogging jobs.

5. Freelance Writer

For those looking to make money from a non-phone work from home job, becoming a freelance writer can be a great way to do so.

A freelance writer is someone who writes for multiple clients on an independent basis and earns money for their writing services.

This type of job provides flexibility, as the freelance writer can work when and where they choose, and often has control over the rates for their services.

As a freelance writer, you can find work in various industries such as journalism, copywriting, technical writing, etc.

How much you can make:

According to the Upwork - Freelance page, a freelance writer makes $30 to $40 per hour on average.

Where To Find Online Writing Jobs:

Read the Top 22 Websites That Pay You To Write to learn how you can make money by writing online.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job is an online role that provides support services to businesses and individuals remotely.

As a virtual assistant, you can provide administrative, marketing, research, and customer service support from the comfort of your own home.

This job may involve specific tasks such as:

  • Email management

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Data management

  • Filing expenses

Virtual assistants are a growing trend in the current digital age and offer flexible working hours with minimal overhead costs.

As a virtual assistant, you can choose to not work on the phone and get all the communication done via chat and email.

How much can you make:

How much you can earn as a Virtual Assistant depends on the scope of your work and your experience. On average, you can make around $20/hour to provide basic virtual assistant services.

Where can you find Virtual Assistant jobs:

Here are some companies that regularly hire virtual assistants:

7. Web Design

Web designing job involves creating and maintaining websites for businesses or individuals. It is one of the best non-phone work from home jobs where you can focus on your creativity.

As a web designer, you must be able to find the right balance between content, visuals, and functionality to ensure that a website looks great and functions well.

You also need to have an eye for detail, a creative flair, and knowledge of coding languages such as HTML & CSS.

And, you should have the ability to think strategically about how to make a website as effective as possible in terms of both usability and aesthetics.

How much can you make:

As a freelance web designer, you can expect to make around $30 per hour. Read this article on Upwork to learn how much you can earn as a web designer.

Where can you find web designer jobs:

You can apply for web designer jobs on the below sites:

8. Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art form that combines creative and technical skills to create visuals for communication, marketing, and advertising.

A graphic design job involves creating:

  • Logos

  • Brochures

  • Advertisements

  • Magazine Covers

There is no need to talk over the phone and you can make money with your creativity!

As a graphic designer, you will help brands in creating unique visuals that reflect their values and personality. You need to create visually appealing designs using typography, image manipulation, color theory, layout, etc.

How much you can make:

How much you can earn as a graphic designer depends on your expertise level. In general, you can make around $35 as a freelance graphic designer.

Where to find Graphic Designer jobs:

You can easily find graphic designer jobs at:

9. Do Homework Online

If you are an expert in some field, say math, languages, or science, you can help students by providing support for homework and assignments.

You can offer tutoring services, or even provide them with personalized study plans.

It is one of the best non-phone work from home jobs with which you can help students solve their problems, answer their queries, and make money.

Without talking on the phone, you can make a lot of difference in students' lives. You can just send them the answers over email or chat with them to answer their queries. What a cool way to make money!

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10. Answer Questions Online

Answering questions online is a non-phone work from home side hustle that is fast, easy, and can be done from the comfort of your home.

For example, Help Owl is a platform that credits you with points to answer questions on products, vehicles, and top companies. Upon redeeming your points, you earn gift cards!

You can even answer simple questions such as "How to increase the volume of Binatone phones?" and earn points on HelpOwl!

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11. Live Chat Assistant

A live chat assistant is a non-phone work from home job that helps customers with real-time support and assistance via an online chat platform.

As a live chat assistant, you will help customers to:

  • navigate websites

  • troubleshoot problems

  • answer questions

  • get guidance on product or service features etc.

To do this kind of non-phone job, you need to possess:

  • Communication skills

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • The ability to quickly respond to customer inquiries

  • Helpful and friendly attitude

Where can you find Live Chat Assistant jobs:

Here are some websites where you can look for Chat Assistant jobs:

12. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for managing a company's presence on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

This is a non-phone work from home job in which you are responsible for:

  • Creating content for social media

  • Engaging customers and followers

  • Monitoring trends and analytics

  • Strategizing to expand the company's reach

Where can you find Social Media Manager jobs:

You can easily find social media manager jobs at:

13. Proofreader

Proofreading is a vital part of the writing process that involves checking for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other aspects of written content.

As a proofreader, you need to ensure that all written material is accurate and up to standard before it gets published or distributed.

This is one of the non-phone work from home jobs that requires:

  • Attention to detail

  • Knowledge of grammar rules

  • Excellent understanding of the target audience.

14. Website Testing

A website testing job is a specialized role in the field of software development and quality assurance.

By taking part in a non-phone work from home website testing job, you can help ensure that websites are running smoothly and delivering an optimal user experience.

It involves tasks such as:

  • Screening for bugs

  • Identifying usability (UI/UX) issues

  • Functionality testing

  • Cross-browser testing

  • Performance testing

Where can you find testing jobs:

The following websites are the best recommended for online testing jobs:

15. Search Engine Evaluator

A search engine evaluator is a non-phone work from home job in which you will assess how well websites are ranked in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. according to certain criteria.

As a search engine evaluator, you will evaluate websites based on:

  • The relevance and quality of content

  • Page loading speed

  • User experience etc.

Where can you find Search Engine Evaluator jobs:

Here are some popular places where you can find search engine evaluator jobs:

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FAQs On Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

#1. Can you work from home without talking on the phone?

Yes, you can work from home without having to use the telephone.

As an alternative, you can make use of technology such as:

  • Email

  • Chat/Instant messaging

  • Video Conferencing

You can also use online collaboration tools like Google Drive or Dropbox to share documents and files with your team.

With these tools, you can easily stay connected without ever having to pick up the phone.

#2. How to find legitimate non-phone work from home opportunities?

You can find legitimate non-phone work from home opportunities by:

  • Searching job boards and websites

  • Using social media to your advantage

  • Leveraging your network of contacts

  • Utilizing search engines such as Google

Also, don't miss to read the 25+ Best Remote Job Sites To Find The Perfect Work From Home Job that fits your needs.

#3. What skills do you need to succeed in non-phone work from home jobs?

Even though the concept of non-phone work from home jobs sounds easy, you still require certain skills to stand out in the crowd and be successful.

For example, you may need some or all of the following:

  • Written communication skills

  • Typing skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • An eye for detail

  • Proactiveness

  • Technical Knowledge

  • Creativity

With the above skills, there is no stopping you from making money through non-phone work from home jobs.

#4. What is the best non-customer service job?

Customer service jobs might require you to be constantly on the phone and it might not be your cup of tea.

In this case, analyze your skills and find out what non-customer service job fits you the best. No one size fits all. The best non-phone job varies for each individual depending on their interests, qualifications, and experience.

For example, you may consider taking up non-phone jobs in fields like administration, accounting, marketing, research & development, IT, etc.

#5. Is it good for an introvert to work from home?

If you are an introvert who often feels overwhelmed in a crowded and noisy office environment, working from home can be a great opportunity for you.

Especially, non-phone work from home jobs can bring you an enjoyable experience that is conducive to productivity.

They allow you to focus on your work without the distractions of a busy workplace and also give you the freedom to work in your own way.

Also, you can use the extra time and space to focus on your creative ideas, and stay connected with your peers!

15 Best Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs
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Final Thoughts on Non Phone Work From Home Jobs:

There is no doubt that everyone's personality and career aspirations are different. Many talented people get work satisfaction by focusing on the task at hand and not on phone.

If you are one of these amazing talents, then a non-phone work from home job can be your best bet.

Even otherwise, a non-phone work-from-home job can help you:

  • Free up more time in your day

  • Supplement your income

  • Get the flexibility and freedom you need

  • Become more creative

Hope this article provided you with valuable insights into the best non-phone work from home jobs and inspired you to utilize your talent in the best way possible!

So, what do you think about jobs that need no talking over the phone? Share your thoughts and experiences!


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